Tuesday, October 29


Powder in the morning, powder in the afternoon, powder at night. Smell the powder, all of the time!

Thanks to my friend Peri for this. PatriotUSA

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neil schnurr said...

That's why break action shotguns are cool.

Rick Lakehomer said...

I know from personal experience and use. Love them. Can never have enough smoke from powder. Ahhhhh........

The Conservative Wife said...

You should see what my kel-tec RFB puts out... whew... that's an experience. And the KSG kicks like a mule, but damn it's accurate.

Rick Lakehomer said...

Have an old Winchester Model 97 pump 12 Ga that is a wild SOB. Rattles my filling and smokes with each shell kicked out. Mfg. of shells makes no difference. Double barrel 12 Ga. is even better when I crack her open. Makes this picture look like a clear day.

neil schnurr said...

I got a Stevens double barrel 12 Ga. and my stepson's got a Stevens double barrel 20. My stepson's got a Browning 12 Ga. pump and I got a Winchester 20 Ga. pump. My son's got a Marlin 410.

The Conservative Wife said...

I still like my sig p229 40. It's my favorite even though it's not a shotgun. My son has a 22 that was grandpas. He loves it. He has shot the ksg and the rfb and took it like a man, I must say. Shoulder as black and purple all all git out but still wanted more.

Rick Lakehomer said...

I have an old AYA spanish double barrel 12 Ga. which is a very sweet swing gun. Finely crafted, nothing fancy, poker game winnings back in 1973, gun made in 1956. Also have a an old Remington Model 48 20 Ga. semi-auto and others. I hope the NSA is snooping.

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