Tuesday, October 29

Presumptuous Promises and Mendacious Machinations

Liberals apoplectic response to the roll out of Obamacare the past few weeks has been gratifying to say the least.  Examples of this behavior can be seen herehere, and here.  Essentially all of their arguments boil down to two common themes.  The first motif is the disaster that is Obamacare is not our fault because we (the democrats) wanted single payer health care.  The second theme theme is that the Republicans have sabotaged the plan every step along the way.  My response to them is...boo hoo hoo go cry yourselves a river with Justin Timberlake.  The proponents of Obamcare have had three years to make the system work.  Three years!!!  Let us think about this for one moment, the Empire State Building took only 410 days to build.  So what you are telling me is that you can build what was the world's tallest building in almost less than a year, but you cannot design a website and health care system in three years.  You cannot master a rather simple technology, website and database programming, in three years?  This is absolutely ludicrous!!!  Acne ridden teenagers in their underwear have programmed more complex things in their sleep.  Some of these teenagers even made almost as much money off their ideas as what was spent on healthcare.gov.  To all of you liberals out there I have some advice for you:  The disastrous roll out of Obamacare WILL NOT  AND I REPEAT WILL NOT!!! pave the way to a single payer health care system and it will only show the gross incompetence of government bureaucrats and centrally planned economies.

Guest posted by http://www.theenlightenedrepublican.com/

1 comment:

The Conservative Wife said...

Well said, YR. ( and I did not know that about the Empire State Building) Obama and his entourage will be destroyed and they will bring it all upon themselves. Daniel 11:20. One of the most beautiful verses to me these days. :)

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