Wednesday, October 30

But If I don't Like My President, I Still Have to Keep My President

How come these words, destroyed George H. W. Bush's chance at a second term...

"Read my lips..."

...but these words, which Obama repeated over and over, have had no effect upon him?

“If you like your doctor..."

Is this guy ever going to be held accountable for what he says and does?


The Conservative Wife said...

Hard to imagine now that he ever will, but he will. I know I refer to the Bible a lot on this one but it is true. Daniel 11:20. Our perception of a "few days" is different than God's but what God says will happen... will happen. That's why God tells us to be patient. And like the saying goes, I have to pray for patience because if I pray for strength I will need bail money too and most likely God won't furnish that. lol

neil schnurr said...

I think that I might know a way we might be able to push it. Look for my next post. BTW, I left a post on your blog.

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