Wednesday, October 30

The Perniciousness of Socialism

The planners have once again failed and who are they blaming?  As usual they squabble among themselves blaming insidious actors (Republicans) who supposedly seek to sabotage their beloved programs.  They believe that by no means could the fault of their precious plan's failure lie in the heart of the design of the very program they hold so dear.  The liberals have finally realized that no one is buying the excuse of "the Republicans did it!" As old excuses grow old and worn, liberals, like always have moved on to new excuses because they understand that their victory during the shutdown is quickly revealing itself to have been Pyrrhic.  Their petulant behavior reveals that they are beginning to understand they have no hope of taking back the house in 2014.

An article written by Sally Kohn on CNN this morning demonstrates the Democrats growing desperation.  Kohn's argument is based on the belief that "canceled health plans (are) a good thing."  She argues that because the plans being canceled do not meet the higher coverage requirements of the new Obamacare regulations then they are plans not worth having.  She states "of those people who lose access to their plans, many will pay less and all will have better and more comprehensive options."  This argument is laughable because this claim has not proven to have come to fruition.  The the new plans which include the mandated expanded coverage under Obamacare have not proven to be any more affordable than before.  This claim is especially farcical in the realm of high deductible/catastrophic health plans.  These plans prices have skyrocketed in most states leaving people with worse coverage and less affordable coverage.

Her logic continues to circle the toilet bowl as the article continues saying, "It's just like employers trying to shaft their workers by cutting hours and benefits and blaming it on the Affordable Care Act, even though employer mandate provisions don't take effect for another year."  This logic is bereft of any knowledge of how small businesses and larger corporations operate.  Such entities unlike people (even though people do this to some extent) tend to think equally in short term and long term prospects.  Just because the employer mandate has been delayed for a year does not mean companies will magically higher more employees to work a normal work week for the next year.  Actually quite the opposite is likely to happen.  Businesses will likely take next year to prepare for the legal ramifications of the bill and also adapt their firms to having a smaller workforce.  Since businesses are using this year to prepare for the future reality they will also receive the added benefit of higher profits because they will have smaller workforces.  Just because you want businesses to higher more people does not mean they will.  Businesses need an incentive to make more profit in order to justify the addition of new employees.  This does not mean these businesses are "shaft(ing)" their workers, they are simply dealing with the reality of scarcity in our world.

And that is the fact of life that socialist (Democrats) do not comprehend.  They do no understand that just because you state something does not make it magically true or come to pass.  People and businesses operate based upon incentives largely caused by two factors one being the aforementioned scarcity and the second being force or better known as the government.  The latter factor is the one that is being employed by the Obama administration to "fix" our healthcare system.  Due to liberals lack of understanding how scarcity affects our world and lives, they have come to the rude awakening that force distorts the market and ends up leaving us with fewer happy customers.

I must conclude with paragraph from Kohn, 

"If we as a nation object to the inherent and deeper flaws within the private health insurance system in America, then we should embrace a single-payer system. But instead, because conservatives were so wed to propping up the private insurance market, we got Obamacare. It's disingenuous to turn around and point fingers at Obamacare for faults that have always been -- and will always be -- pervasive in private health insurance."

The torched logic used by Kohn explores the depths of depravity and borders on a mental disorder.  She claims that it is the Republicans's fault because they did not want single payer, thus Obamacare was the compromise Congress made.  This claim is completely bunk and is a prime example of revisionist history.  I could spend post after post writing on Kohn's delusions, but Debra Saunders provides a fantastic counterargument that I can't do much better than here.  If Kohn believes the over-regulated and partially government run health care system our nation had before resembled anything close to a free market she is sorely mistaken. 

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