Saturday, October 26

Curses Be Upon You Baby Boomers! (snark) For You "Young" Republicans Out There

It would seem that because George McGovern was elected President by an overwhelming number of Baby Boomers in 1972, that is the reason we are in the mess we are in. Oh… wait… McGovern lost overwhelmingly to Nixon. But, I thought that the Baby Boomers voted for him overwhelmingly. How can this be? Out of all 50 states, McGovern only managed to win 1. Perhaps all the Baby Boomers lived in Massachusetts at that time and that is why he won that one State. He even lost his own State! Well… Damn you Baby Boomers anyway! Because I say so and I’m rubber and you’re glue, stupid-head.

Okay, the fact is, Baby Boomers did support McGovern because of the war in Vietnam and McGovern wanted our boy’s home. He had been to war. He knew the pain of having friends and loved ones die. But the support was not so overwhelming that he was elected President. He was a Senator from South Dakota. And he lost more than once to a Republican.

The first Baby Boomer President was Bill Clinton. Did Baby Boomers support him? I’m sure some did. Did young people support him? Overwhelmingly so because he was “cool”. Because apparently, that is the thing to do now days. Vote for the cool guy because he’s like, you know, cool and stuff. Why did Obama get elected? Because he was cool. You get the idea.

My position is simply this. Cool is not a good enough reason to put someone in charge of America. Another word for cool? Charismatic. Charismatic leaders influence by charm and not reason. Jim Jones was once called very charismatic yet he killed all those people with “Cool” aid. Charm is based on an emotional manipulation. So the youngsters who voted for Obama and for Clinton did nothing more than let themselves be manipulated all because it was cool. And many psychopaths are very charming. Satan himself will be one “cool” dude when he is here as anti-Christ and he will have many followers because he will be cool. Maybe some think God is just too stuffy and therefore not worthy of worship. But do you know what I think is “cool”? Someone with a good head on their shoulders. Someone who isn’t afraid to lead, unlike our pusillanimous president. Someone who will get his hands dirty for someone else. Christ died on the cross for all of us. He was and is, in my book, very cool. But he spread a message and that message was not listened to by many. Why was He crucified? Because the ones with all the power were afraid they would lose their following. Because the people screamed to release a murderer and to let Christ be crucified. Because someone else was cool and He apparently was not.

People are only charmed by others when they share a core belief and values. In other words, people cannot be swayed by the coolness of others if they are not speaking to our heart. Charismatic confidence is often mistaken for competence. Obama is very incompetent and those who thought it cool to vote for him based on his charm are nothing more than weak minded individuals who cannot think for themselves.

Every generation has idiots. Every generation has weak minded fools. And every generation has some charismatic loser who will stop at nothing to attain power so the adoration of themselves may continue. And every generation will have those who know and understand exactly what is going on. Leadership should not be awarded based on how cool one candidate is over another. It should not even be an option. This isn’t a game. This is real life and people get hurt when the majority decide to vote strictly on how cool someone is instead of how well that person can lead. Obamacare is hurting everyone. People could barely afford insurance before if at all and now there is no chance of affording either it or the fine that comes along with not having it. That is really “cool” isn’t it? But to blame Baby Boomers? OK… whatever…


neil schnurr said...


The Conservative Wife said...

Hee Hee... Thanks Neil.

Rick Lakehomer said...

Aww. you might hurt YR again. Well said CW, well said.

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