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Part 3 Series: Who Is Barack Hussein Obama, II? UPDATED

Part 3 in a series to delve deeper into who Obama is by learning who the people are that shaped his life. Who were the people that raised and mentored him? And just WHO is Barack Hussein Obama, II?

Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.

Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. was born June 18, 1936 in Nyang’oma Kogelo, Kenya. He first arrived in the United States in 1959 at the age of 23 through an exchange program known in Kenya as the “Tom Mboya Airlift”. The first supporters of this program included Harry Belafonte, Sidney Poitier, Jackie Robinson, and Elizabeth Mooney Kirk, a literacy advocate who provided most of the financial support for Obama's early years in the United States. The second year, funds were provided by John F. Kennedy’s family and were used to pay off debts the project had incurred and also subsidized student stipends, which indirectly benefited Obama, Sr. When he left for America, he left behind his first wife, Kezia and a baby son, Malik. Kezia was also pregnant and later had a daughter, Auma.

In his book, “Dreams from My Father”, Obama, Jr. wrote that his parents met in a Russian class and fell in love. Sounds sooo romantic, right? But questions arise on the validity of the events portrayed in his book and there are many factual documents that would suggest otherwise. Yes, Ann did take a Russian course at the University of Hawaii during the fall semester of 1960. Did Obama, Sr. also take this class? We don’t know because his records are supposedly “missing”. It is verified, however, that Ann met her later husband, Lolo Soetero in a Russian class. More on that in another post.

Although it is said that Ann Dunham and Obama, Sr. were married, there is no evidence of this ever taking place. No marriage license, no wedding pictures, no… nothing. This wedding supposedly took place on the Hawaiian island of Maui on February 2, 1961. Through a Freedom of Information Act request, Obama Sr.’s United States immigration file shows that Sr. and Ann lived separately. I thought they were so in love?

The file shows that Ann lived with her parents and that Sr. lived at 1482 Alencastre St. The two residences were 7 miles apart. What makes it even more interesting is that neither one of them drove. Ann never got a driver’s license and supposedly did not drive in her entire life. Obama was supposedly very poor so owning a car would have been only a dream. Maybe even the only dream he ever had that was worth something. 

Ann then left her parents’ home with her newborn, Barry, and enrolled in classes at the University of Washington in late August 1961. This has been confirmed by enrollment records. She would not see Obama, Sr. again for 10 years. Doesn’t exactly sound like a fairy tale romance the way Jr. would have everyone believe.

Obama, Sr. then left Hawaii for Harvard on June 22, 1962. Ann returned to Hawaii in late fall of 1962 or early winter of 1963. Either way, Sr. was already gone. It would seem that he began having problems at Harvard. There were many questions involving his marriages. He could be deported for bigamy, but not for polygamy. He was being scrutinized and his immigration file shows that he was being “eased” out of the Country.

On page 39 of the file, there is a memo from Lyle Dahlin in which he mentions his own suspicion that the marriage to Ann Dunham was not a real one. He wrote,
"Recommend that Subject be closely questioned before another extention [sic] is granted - and denial be considered.  If his USC [United States Citizen] wife tries to petition for him make sure an investigation is conducted as to the bona-fide of the marriage."
On page 42 of the file is an application by alien student for permission to accept employment. It was filled out by Obama, Sr. on March 3, 1961. Only one month after his supposed marriage to Ann. Section 24 asked, "Economic necessity (explain how financial circumstances have changed since admission or change of status to student)."  Obama Sr. wrote, "This is because I did not come with enough for the entire period of my stay and thought would get some from scholarship and work."  No mention of a wife with a child on the way. That would seem to be pretty important for someone seeking aid.

Whether the marriage took place or not, there is a record of divorce. Ann Dunham divorced Obama Sr. in January of 1964. She had met and fell in love (again) with Lolo Soetero. Eventually, and before his degree was complete at Harvard, Sr. was eased out of America. There was apparently “no more funding” for his scholarship and without the scholarship, his visa extension was denied. So back home to Kenya.

In a 1965 publication of East Africa Journal, titled “Problems Facing Our Socialism”, Sr. clearly makes his political leaning known. He was a socialist. In the paper, he wrote,
"…there is nothing that can stop the government from taxing 100% of income so long as the people get benefits from the government commensurate with their income which is taxed.I do not see why the government cannot tax those who have more and syphon some of these revenues into savings which can be utilized in investment for future development."
There are plenty of other quotes that could take reams of paper and days to read but this one pretty much sums it all up. This is classic Marxism at its (cough) finest.

In November of 1982, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. was driving home, drunk as he usually was, when he slammed his truck head-on into a eucalyptus tree stump. He died instantly at the age of 46. The true character of the man that Obama, Jr. sought to romanticize in his book, was nothing more than a bigamist, Marxist, drunk and liar.

Part 2 is here:


A commentor on this post brought it to my attention that Ann Dunham and Lolo Soetoro were married in 1965 and not 1967. This prompted me to dig deeper to see what I could find on that as I do not want to give false or misleading information. I did find Dunham and Obama, Sr's. divorce decree. There is a page missing from the file that I believe concerns the custody of Barry. The date Ann filed for divorce is January 20, 1964 and the divorce was final on March 20, 1964. It is important that I note here, that even Obama, Jr. himself raises the question as to the bona-fide of the marriage. On page 22 of his book, "Dreams from My Father" Obama states:

"In fact, how and when the marriage occurred remains a bit murky, a bill of particulars that I've never quite had the courage to explore. There's no record of a real wedding, a cake, a ring, a giving away of the bride. No families were in attendance; it's not even clear that people back in Kansas were fully informed. Just a small civil ceremony, a justice of the peace. The whole thing seems so fragile in retrospect, so haphazard."
Also, the court documents show that Ann lied when she filed for this divorce. Look at this page:

It says, the Libellant, being Ann, is now and for more than 2 years past has been a resident of Honolulu, Hawaii. This is not true. Ann had been living in Seattle, Washington and only returned to Hawaii in January of 1963. That is not the 2 year requirement. My source for this is Wikipedia. 
I figured that since all of this debate came about with the commentor using Wikipedia as their reference, then I would, too. See, I argued that Wikipedia is not a reliable source for information as it can be changed by anyone. This person insisted so I am now using their own rope to tie all this together. (I have found other sources that confirm this date) So Ann could not have been a resident of Hawaii for the 2 years required to file for this divorce. 

Also, I have found a very interesting document. It is an application for a passport filed by Ann Dunham. It clearly shows the date of her marriage to Lolo Soetoro. That date is March 5, 1964. So I was wrong about 1967. Here is that document:
You can see where it asks about the date of last marriage in the middle of the document to the right of Ann's picture. That date is, March 5, 1964. So how could Ann have married Soetoro on March 5, 1964 and yet not have a finalized divorce from Obama, Sr. until March 20, 1964?

Here is the link to the documents in full:

I am still researching this. If Ann married Soetoro before she was legally divorced from Obama, then she is a bigamist and the marriage would have been illegal. But perhaps her so called marriage to Obama wasn't even legal, either as he already had a wife and 2 kids back in Kenya.

This is an ever on-going investigation and I am sure I will have to update several times. I apologize for this but with such a corrupt and deceitful president, what can one expect?


smrstrauss said...

Re: "No marriage license, no wedding pictures, no… nothing."

Answer: When two people get divorced, it is, duh, proof that they were legally married.

The Conservative Wife said...

That's okay... Keep drinking the fool, I mean kool aid

smrstrauss said...

People with common law marriages CAN get divorced---but why? People with legal marriages HAVE to get divorced if they want to separate.
Hence, there a LOT more, vastly more, divorce settlements for people with legal marriages than people with common law marriages.
The State of Hawaii list of marriages for 1960-1965 shows both of Stanley Ann Dunham's marriages.,+1960-1965,+showing+both+of+Ann+Dunham%27s+marriages.&noj=1&site=webhp&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=bvpzUqaCJ8ndsATUp4HwAw&ved=0CAkQ_AUoAQ&biw=1024&bih=582#facrc=_&
Do you allege that the Hawaii list of marriages was forged?
Moreover, the divorce of Obama's parents shows that Obama's mother listed her name as OBAMA, which is not the practice for someone who had only had a common law marriage.

Finally, while SOME states allow people with common law marriages to get divorced, Hawaii is not among them. In fact, Hawaii does not allow common law marriages, Sorry.

The Conservative Wife said...

Well... You are so right! The 1960 to 1965 data DOES show both of her marriages. But why when she didn't marry lolo until 1967. Now why would that be unless it was changed? Can you explain away that one?

The Conservative Wife said...

Want to know who this smrstrauss troll really is? Here ya go.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Paul R. Strauss and his wife, Ann Fenlon Strauss, who work as a team of obots with a mission to defend Obama's eligibility to serve as President. Mr. and Mrs. Strauss live in Arlington, MA. Disclaimer: Although the names are similar, Paul R. Strauss is NOT Paul Strauss, the Shadow Senator representing Washington, D.C.

Paul R. Strauss (now 68) married Ann Fenlon Santomasso on June 16, 1984 in the bridegroom’s Manhattan apartment. At that time Ann was a senior research biologist at the Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research, and Paul was a financial editor of Data Communications. They were married by Rev. Louis Giola. Paul received his master’s degree in communications from American University, and Ann received her degree from the College of New Rochelle. Today the Strauss’s live in a 5,329 sq ft. home in Arlington, MA, presently valued at $496,400.

Don't EVER think you are smart. A stupid liberal you are and I will call you out on it EVERY TIME!

smrstrauss said...

Re: "Can you explain away that one?'
Answer: Of course. The explanation is that you are wrong. Obama's mother remaried in 1965---not 1967.

neil schnurr said...

Even with the internet, how do you find this stuff? And how long does it take you? I got to hand it to you for your tenacity. I'd rather concede to defeat than go through the mind numbing, tedious process of researching state law in order to prove myself correct.
My hat's off to you, you're a better person than I.

The Conservative Wife said...

It just makes the sun shine a little brighter when I can let loose on a troll or idiot. I view it sort of like my personal punching bag that I can use to get all of my stress and frustration out. :)

smrstrauss said...

Nevertheless, Obama's mother and father were married, as the Hawaii register of marriages for 1960-1965 shows.

neil schnurr said...

See that is what I'm talking about. That would be me. Using the word "nevertheless" is basically conceding to defeat, admitting that what your opponent was correct about what they said, before you try to get in the last word, only I would have taken it one step further, and not said anything at all. I'm too lazy to do research just to win an argument in the comments section. When things get to this point, I'd rather just go over to some muscle car site, and hope that whatever it was that I was commenting on, is so old that no one is looking at it anymore. My laziness surpasses my desire to prove myself correct. I guess both you and Strauss are better people than me.

neil schnurr said...

See that is what I'm talking about. That would be me. Using the word "nevertheless" is basically conceding to defeat, admitting that what your opponent was correct about what they said, before you try to get in the last word, only I would have taken it one step further, and not said anything at all. I'm too lazy to do research just to win an argument in the comments section. When things get to this point, I'd rather just go over to some muscle car site, and hope that whatever it was that I was commenting on, is so old that no one is looking at it anymore. My laziness surpasses my desire to prove myself correct. I guess both CW and Strauss are better people than me.

The Conservative Wife said...

I realize that Wikipedia states the marriage was in 1965, but I do not rely on Wikipedia for definitive proof as it can be changed by anyone. I am, however, researching this further because it is not my intention to be wrong or misleading. I want the truth...wherever that may lead me and if I am wrong, I will admit it. So far, I have found dates of the marriage to be 1965, 1966, and 1967. This might take me a bit but I will find the truth.

smrstrauss said...

BOTH the fact that Obama's parents were divorced (and in Hawaii only people who were legally married can be divorce) and the actual Hawaii register of marriages for 1960-65 (which CW has not disproven, though she thinks she has seen something somewhere that indicates that Obama's mother's second marriage was in 1967, though it was in fact in 1965) show that Obama's parents were married.

neil schnurr said...

Let’s assume for the sake of argument, that you are correct. The accusation of Barack’s parents never being married is the among the LEAST damning in the entire series, yet that is the thing you have chosen to focus upon. Is that because you are unable to come up with anything concrete to dispute anything else she has written? If CW had chosen not to include the part about Obama’s parents never being married, do you think anyone would have come away from reading the series with a more favorable opinion either Obama’s parents or Barack himself? I’m sure your motivation here, is thinking that if you can discredit one claim, you might be able to discredit the entire series, but you have only reinforce the average readers belief that the story is accurate as a whole, by focusing on a relatively small detail while ignoring other accusations that are much more serious..

smrstrauss said...

The object was to show that she was (1) inaccurate by focusing on a single point. If she was wrong about that she could be wrong about the other points too, and she is.

And to show that by claiming that Obama's parents, two people she has never met, were not married, she is not exactly a fair commentator. She is throwing crap at Obama's parents in hopes that some of it will stick to Obama, and it is all wrong. It is a lie that Obama's parents were not married. Their divorce shows that they were married. By doing both I have cast doubt on the entire series.

As for other points, it is difficult, and the result would be extremely dull, for me to answer every point. Tell you what. You pick one point that you think is important and that you think that she might have evidence for, and I will respond.

neil schnurr said...

Well at least, you and I (and I imagine CW) all agree on one thing. Her motive WAS to point out that Obama is the product of a weird, creepy, socialist environment and if the American people were aware of this, he would have never been elected.

As for you addressing any other points, if your response isn’t going to be any better than disputing the 50 plus year old data from a lax record keeping system - don’t bother.

Perhaps you’d like to dispute what Barack’s father wrote in his socialist manifesto or what Davis wrote in his book.

CW’s series is not a like a mathematical equation or computer program, where one error causes everything else to be wrong. It is a listing of some very strange abnormalities of an environment that many people would agree would not be conducive to producing a person that they would want as president. Each claim must be judged on its own merit.

So far all of your responses at best, would cause an unbiased person to judge some details of what she has said to be inconclusive, but certainly not lies.

The Conservative Wife said...

Please read my post again and point out exactly where I said they were definitely not married. All I said was there are no documents. I then said whether or not they were married, they were divorced. You are seriously cerebrally challenged.

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