Tuesday, October 15

Is House action on Obamacare Unreasonable?

Bill Brown 

President Obama and most members of the back-alley media (I call them that because the mugging they are giving to the American people should only be done in that venue) are quick to point out that Obama won the presidency in 2012, and the primary message of his campaign was his determination to implement the Affordable Care Act.  Ergo, the House of Representatives refusal to accept and fund Obamacare is a rejection of the will of the people, as voiced in the Presidential election of 2012. 

I’m certain they have only forgotten the results of the elections of 2010, when the Progressives took an old fashioned drubbing in the House of Representatives, where the essential thrust of that election was defunding Obamacare.  So . . . For the Senate and President now to keep pressing for the implementation of the (Un) Affordable Care Act, is this not a rejection of the votes cast by multiplied millions in opposition to a program that a majority of Americans detest? 

One other minor detail I would point out to Progressives who are so righteously indignant that the conservative house has the temerity to oppose President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: 

The Constitution—I know, we conservatives just insist upon citing that hateful, outdated document from time to time—established the rule that all bills authorizing the expenditure of Federal monies must originate in the House of Representatives. Unfortunately for President Obama, implementing the (Un) Affordable Care Act will cost a great deal of money and will require the appropriation of boatloads of money (that we don’t have) in order to fund it.  Any bill calling for the appropriation of that money must originate in the House of Representatives—currently ruled by a Republican majority.  It is inconvenient for the Progressives to be reminded that the (Un) Affordable Care Act was approved without a single Republican vote, without a single line in that document having been authored by anyone who even comprehends the meaning of the word ‘conservative’.  Indeed, it was the highly unethical way in which that ill-conceived act was passed that contributed mightily to the election in 2010 of Tea Party members that the Progressives love so much to hate. 

If President Obama is convinced that his election was incontrovertible proof that the people of America desired the implementation of Obamacare, the Tea Party members in the House of Representatives are equally certain that they were elected by a majority of people with an over-weaning desire to STOP this law in its tracks. 

The division of powers our Founders built into the Constitution was for the specific purpose of keeping a single Party or individual from running roughshod over the opposition—as the Progressives obviously intend to do, come Hell or high water.  To paraphrase Admiral David Farragut’s famous line, “Damn public opinion of Obamacare—full speed ahead!” 

Meanwhile, Tea Party members of the House of Representatives are simply doing what the people who elected them sent them there to do—use any legal, ethical and moral means at their disposal to defund, depose, and in any way feasible STOP the (Un) Affordable Care Act.

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Bill Trantham said...

I no longer have any delusions about Obama's agenda for America. How about you? http://snafutoon.com

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