Monday, November 4

Attention Class

The failure that is Obamacare is a hot topic right now.  More people are starting to see Obama for the failure that he is, than ever before.  The problem is that there are many other Obama failures that too many people are not aware of, so:
This is your assignment:

Pick any of Obama’s past or present failures or scandals, and write a post on your blog, explaining how it is linked to Obamacare in terms of incompetence and corruption.

Extra credit will be given to anyone who may have a close relationship with bloggers that have extremely large audiences, and passes along the concept of linking Obamacare to Obama’s other failures, to them.

Below I have given two examples.  You may choose to use either example, or come up with own example of how to link any one of Obama’s failures or scandals to Obamacare.

Assignments are due two weeks from today!  See me after class if you have any questions.


The Conservative Wife said...

Love it!

neil schnurr said...

Then do it! And encourage everyone you know to do it!

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