Monday, November 4

Helping Those Who Don’t Want Your Kind Of Help


President Obama has convinced the media (Boy, was that difficult!) and most of the rest of his constituency that Obamacare is the greatest thing for the poor since sliced bread.  Is he—and the poor, plus the media—in for a surprise!


Because of the generosity of American taxpayers; not President Obama, not a Progressive Senate, not Progressives in any capacity, the poor have health insurance.  No longer are they second class citizens—like seniors on Medicare—they are now full-fledged participants in a health insurance that includes all the bells and whistles that nobody in his right mind would pay for out of his own pocket; things of which they have seldom heard, let alone used.


But all this did not come without problems.  You see, if you are poor and uninsured now and you or your child gets sick, all you have to do is go to the Emergency Room of a nearby hospital.  There, they must treat you or your child, even if you have no money to pay for that treatment.  Some who utilize this option complain about having to wait so long in the E R, but the fear of being reported to DHS drives doctors and nurses to treat indigent patients as quickly as possible.


Very soon, those indigents will have better insurance than I will ever again be able to afford.  Problem is, they will then be expected to call a doctor, get an appointment and perhaps wait a day or two to see the doctor--just like the rest of those insured.  Let me see a show of hands of those who believe that a majority of these newly insured are going to like and abide by the rules that the rest of us must play by.  Why should they?  They have always been able to go to the E R and see a doctor right now—today! Who cares if it is the most expensive way to administer health care (after all, E Rs are designed to treat emergencies!) that exists?  It still doesn’t cost the indigent a single penny.  


The poor are going to receive the news that they now have insurance like the Montanan who got a phone call informing him that as a result of his entry in a contest, he was to be awarded a two-week, all-expense-paid vacation in North Dakota.  The phone was quiet for long moments, after which the Montanan asked, “Did I win or lose?”


You would probably have to have lived in one of those two states to appreciate the friendly rivalry between them.

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