Saturday, November 9

BUSTED! – Mitch McConnell Sold Out To Gun Grab Lobby


Update: Email the Kentucky NRA reps and let them know that they are making a terrible mistake by endorsing the sellout rino Mitch McConnell. McConnell is a sleazebag of the lowest order and will screw the people of their 2nd amendment rights in a heartbeat.

 It just takes a second. Go shoot them an email...

State rep
John LaRowe

State rep
Regional Director
Chad Franklin

Once they know what a POS McConnell is, I am sure they will come out for Matt Bevin.

Mitch McConnell is doing his best to lurch right to stave off being primaried by Matt Bevin, but the internet never forgets. Does he really think that the people of Kentucky are going to forget his epic gun grab attempt? This man is an absolute disgrace!
“Senator McConnell, whose side are you on?” asks Kendrick The spot is part of a $27,700 campaign on television in Lexington, Ky., and Louisville, Ky., and on cable in Washington. McConnell is using President Barack Obama’s push for gun control measures in an apparent attempt to shore up support for his 2014 re-election. A recent call went out to Kentuckyians with McConnell saying, “President Obama and his team are doing everything in their power to restrict your constitutional right to keep and bear arms.” A similar fundraising email by McConnell’s campaign said gun owners are “literally surrounded” by “gun-grabbers in the Senate.”
Go light up his Facebook page!


The Conservative Wife said...

Emails sent. This is what I wrote:

I am deeply concerned by your support of Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell. Why would you support someone who is nothing more than a liberal in disguise? I am a proud supporter of the NRA but doing this will make me seriously rethink my support of your organization. If you truly hold the 2nd Amendment dear, then you will not support that sell out RINO. The will of The People is being pushed aside because the few think they know what is best for the many. Obama wants to be dictator and in many ways he already is with his many executive orders signed in secrecy. I am only a tiny voice in a sea of screaming mayhem but I am not sitting back and shutting up as the left would love for me to do. And there are many, many other voices just like mine. I beg of you to rethink this position and actually listen to the echo of many.

Choose this day whom you will serve.

conservativeBC said...

Great, maybe others will follow your lead....

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