Saturday, November 9

Dudes, Dudes, Check it out! I bet that we could, like, make the most awesome bong outta this thing!

source: CBS Sacramento

Thieves Charged With Cutting Off Marijuana Dispensary Owner’s Penis

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (AP) – Four people have been charged with torturing a California marijuana dispensary owner during a robbery and cutting off his penis.
Authorities say a man and woman were arrested Friday in Fresno – a day after the FBI arrested another man in Europe. A fourth man was arrested last year.
They’re charged with mayhem and could face life in prison if convicted.
Prosecutors say the four – including a grower that supplied the Orange County dispensary – planned to rob the owner because they mistakenly believed he’d buried cash in the California desert.
Authorities say the robbers kidnapped the man and his roommate’s girlfriend in Newport Beach last year, drove them to the desert, tortured the man, severed his penis and took it away so it couldn’t be reattached.
He survived.


The Conservative Wife said...

Oh man. I just had images of Loraina Bobbit. I guess this guy won't be able to move on and star in porn movies with a reattached one. (Poor thing.) (the man not his you know what)

neil schnurr said...

What is this world coming to. I thought that this would be the most outrageous, horrible story I'd see all day, but then I saw this:

The Conservative Wife said...

Oh my God. I couldn't even finish reading it. Very sick, twisted people in this world. God help us.

neil schnurr said...

It's getting to the point, where if the apocalypse comes, I'll be saying, "Oh well, no big deal."

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