Friday, November 15

IYATOLDYOUSO….. Or The Silence after the Speech….? - © Skip MacLure

Dan Gillerman, former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations,  came about as close to saying anything about anything as you will get an Israeli to do when it comes to their intentions for the Mad Mullahs… ‘look, we just wanna make a little peaceful mushroom cloud over Tel-Aviv’ program in an interview on Fox News on  Saturday.

When confronted with the statements of the Perennial Yammerers around the networks and  the Strategic Geniuses around Washville that Israel can’t possibly make a difference, doesn’t have the power  or the equipment and can’t possibly expect to buy more than say… three years at best…, he said quite succinctly  ( are you listening lame stream? ) that Israel has the equipment, the skill, the technology and the will to take out the Iranian threat and make it PERMANENT. Uh….. lets see…. at last I checked the Israelis are not into idle statements…unlike the brainless among our own government….

The Israelis are masters of understatement… they are also very, very good at something we seem to be unable to do, keep a secret.

If you want something kept secret…. keep it out of our Capitol… and most particularly keep it out of our Congress.

The Jewish people have had the secrecy thing burned into their psyche… throughout countless pogroms during the Diaspora in dozens of countries they have learned that the wrong word in the wrong ear brings death and destruction. Refined at the point of a sword or the muzzle of a gun they learned their lessons well.

Nile Gardiner, who is the director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at the Heritage Foundation,  said that our El Presidente (my term) is on weak ground as the revelation over the nuclear site makes an Israeli strike more likely….I’ll go him one better… an Israeli strike has been a lead-pipe cinch for a couple of years. I said that there was nothing threatening in Binyamin Netanyuhu’s brilliant speech at the UN. Fair enough. Dan Gillerman also said Israel is prepared to act alone. Also fair enough… in the final analysis Israel has always been alone. Ambassador Gillerman also would not have said a single word that had not been discussed and approved before hand. That’s not the Israeli way. Safe to say the Mossad has been worlds and years ahead of the CIA on the Iranian nuclear gig….. The question remains how soon the Russians’ much vaunted new air-defense system will become operational. While our increasingly ineffectual President spends most of his time swiveling his head between teleprompters and organizing union thuggery meetings in order to attempt to steal the birthright of the American people…… that soft swishing sound you hear is the

Israeli whetstone…..

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis
© Skip MacLure 2009

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