Friday, November 15

Poverty With A View-Why lie to us

The Cover Oregon/Health Authority Main Office
Welcome to Poverty With A View

Commentary, opinions pulled from the local daily fish wrapper, other sources from around the Pacific Northwest and beyond. With additional commentary from yours truly, the one who has the affliction known hereabouts as 'permagrump', PatriotUSA. 

Call this an opinion from the RIGHT side of the Cascades. 

Where great jobs are scarce but taxes and government overreach, are high. 


An explanation is in order.

The first image is of the old Portland Cement Plant, not the actual Oregon Health Authority but is a perfect image for the debacle know as CoverOregon, which was unable to sign one person up for the entire month of October. Oregon was one of the 'state models' used for Obamacare. Governor Kitzhaber (fondly referred to as Taxhaber by many of the residents of Oregon), a tax and spend liberal of the worst sort who has helped Oregon become POORegon unless you are one of the few who has a great job. Good jobs are pretty scarce especially here in the hinterlands of the high desert, on the RIGHT side of the Cascades. A beautiful place to live and so full of beautiful snobby politically correct people who have come here from elsewhere.

Central Oregon is Poverty With A View. I really like living here but it is a very hardscrabble place to make it all work.

The second image is from one here is Oregon POORegon and is from the Treehouse.
Our wonderful senators along with the tool of a governor and the traitorous POTUS. Nothing more needs to be said. PatriotUSA

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The Conservative Wife said...

So sad. I was born in Oregon and graduated from Cascade High. Such a beautiful place to be ruined by pigs. Just like Colorado and every other lovely place on this planet. I keep telling my husband that I'm going to take him to Oregon someday. You can't really describe the beauty and pictures just don't do it justice. You have to smell the air along with actually seeing it to fully understand.

Rick Lakehomer said...

Very true, CW, very true. I actually prefer the high country of Northern Arizona a bit better. Even here in Central Eastern Oregon, the stench of the politically correct can be found. Bend is a DISGUSTING den of far left skull drudgery, people who drive hybrids who think they are oh so special. I was born in west Texas and love the desert as well.

The Conservative Wife said...

Around Lubbock? I'm a Lubbock girl now in deep east texas

Rick Lakehomer said...

I got relatives in Eagle Pass if they are still alive. I be West Texas, El Paso to be exact. I am and will always a TEXAN!

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