Monday, November 11

Millennial Blasts His Generation For Their Entitlement Mindset

I am re-blogging this from The Blaze. I find it to be VERY refreshing.

A young conservative pundit released a video on Sunday aimed at challenging what he says is the “entitlement mindset of millennials.”
Caleb Bonham, a pundit for college news outlet Campus Reform, said that he believes “an overwhelming majority of the millennial generation believes Americans are entitled to security and a dignified life.”

Watch the video here:
“Too many of America’s college students embrace the notion that because we have abundance we are inherently exceptional and therefore entitled to a secured, worry-free life,” he said in the video.
According to Bonham, however, such an attitude ultimately leads to an endless desire for government handouts.
“The moment America embraced the idea that we are entitled to life’s necessities through government programs, was the moment America planted the seed that everyone is entitled to health insurance, or free daycare, or government provided cell phones,” he said.
“We have the right to receive dignity as human beings, but we are not entitled to dignified lives,” Bonham concluded. “That is to be determined through our individual life choices and accomplishments.”

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