Tuesday, November 12

NETANYAHU!! History and truth: Perhaps one of the greatest speeches of modern times - Skip MacLure

Israel is a tiny country surrounded by multiple millions of people who would like nothing more than to see a smoking crater there.

That is a fact which has been explored ad nauseum by countless journalists.

Here’s a new one for you. Again little Israel stood as a giant in front of it’s enemies and defeated them, this time in the realm of  history and discourse. Binyamin Netanyahu‘s speech in front of the UN was full of truth and more impactful for it. It was significant because of the historical accuracy and clear inciteful recitation of those truths by a man who is not afraid to stand alone in the face of a hostile body and rightly shame those who would contemplate with glee and anticipation the destruction of millions.

Libya’s strong man delivered 90 minutes of incomprehensible garbage.

Ahmadinejad was full of lies and vituberation and not worth print space.

Our Deceiver-in-Chief was the panderer in chief to every dictatorship on the planet. He sees himself as the one world government’s great Pasha.

The rest of the world sees him as weak and a fool.

The one thing you can be sure of about  Israel…..they will not cave. The liberalism that has plagued them as well as us has largely been stilled by the threat of imminent  destruction posed by an evermore strident and  militant Iran. If somebody in your neighborhood tells you he’s going to knock your block off…only a fool would fail to take it seriously and prepare to flee or fight.

Israel can’t flee….

I have friends who have been in the IDF. I have one friend in particular who is a veteran of two of Israel’s wars. We’ve had the kind of conversations that can only occur between two men who have heard gunfire with rounds cracking overhead and the chilling knot of fear in the gut.

He has told me very simply, “Israel will not be destroyed”. “No matter what we have to do”. “No matter who is against us”. I looked in his eyes….I believe him.

One thing is certain….little Israel will always do what you don’t expect them to when you least expect them to do it.

If I were Hussein Obama I’d remember that.

If I were the Mad Mullahs of Iran I’d pay attention too……but then they don’t know my friend Jack.
Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009

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