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Pigford Revisited or This is How We Do It

Seldom do the words to a hip hop song complement a conservative strategy so well.  A few days ago, I wrote a piece explaining how the Obamacare debacle just might a golden opportunity to get people who have been previously uninterested in other Obama failures and scandals, to wake up and realize that not only are these things linked to Obamacare by the administration’s incompetence and corruption, they are costing the American taxpayer money as well.  The only difference is that it’s easier for them to see how Obamacare hurts them directly.  Especially when they either lose their health insurance, or the cost of their premiums dramatically increases.

Just before he was elected, Obama proudly declared, “We are five days away from fundamentally changing America”

We have since learned that he was correct, but we also learned that not all change is good.  Come to think of it, most change is bad.  When you put 40,000 miles on a $1000 set of tires for you car, they change, but they certainly do not improve.  The $1000 dollars was however, an expected and necessary expense, to which most responsible vehicle owners are willing to give a priority,   

The simple fact is, that maintaining a position a position of power, affluence, security, and safety has always been accomplished more readily, by directing funds and other resources towards items and policies proven efficient and cost effective at counteracting the ravages of change, than by recklessly spending money in the hope that it might bring about some beneficial change.  This applies to a nation, every bit as much as it applies to an individual.

Obama’s policies have been akin to keeping the bald tires on a car and spending money on a set of spinner rims.  Since he came into office, we have seen him piss away trillions of dollars (half a billion in one crack.) causing the national debt increase by $7 trillion (almost 60%), weaken our position as a world power, and let illegal immigration run wild.  Maybe it was because he has been distracted by other, more pressing issues like legalizing gay marriage and changing the name of the Washington Redskins.

Do you want to make the general public hold Obama and other liberals accountable for their failures and scandals? This is how we do it. The next time you hear someone who has been totally unconcerned about the things mentioned in the above paragraph, complain about Obamacare and what its going to cost him, you make sure to explain to him how Obamacare is just the tip of the iceberg, and how if weren’t for Obama and other liberals, he could have afforded the things that he dreams of, but cannot have like:

  • That new Harley he lusts for
  • A college education for his children
  • The home makeover his wife has wanted for 20 years
  • A decent savings for retirement
  • The muscle car he dreamed of having when he was a kid
  • His own business

All of these things that are now out of his reach, would have been easily within his grasp if it weren’t fact that liberal policies have been acting against him in five ways:

  1. Most obviously, they require him (and businesses and everyone else) to spend more of his (their) income on taxes.
  2. Tax money spent on counterproductive liberal programs and policies, diverts funds from things that could actually improve the economy.

Items one and two negatively impact the economy and our nation’s ability to create wealth so,

  1. Less tax revenue is generated and
  2. Employers cut back on investment and hiring, which not only makes it almost impossible to him to find a better paying job, it reduces his current employer’s incentive and ability to give him a raise.
  3. Entitlement programs make up the majority of the federal budget, so they are the main cause of the national debt, and all the problems associated with it. (Paying interest on the debt. and the threat of skyrocketing interest rates and hyperinflation)

Liberal programs and policies hinder the working person’s ability to have the things they want in life more than anything else, and they are reason his father could afford to buy a new car every few years, and he has to make do with the used car he bought, for ten years.

Of course Obamacare is a disaster.  Everything Obama has done (and that’s not hyperbole) has been a disaster. People are now starting to see the negative impacts of Obamacare, and it is important that they understand that the cumulation of the effects of all other liberal policies is (and has been for quite some time) much more devastating.

It will be easy to point how the incompetence shown in the  implementation of Obamacare and the administration’s lack of understanding of the healthcare market mirrors the ineptitude of Obama’s energy policies and his lack of understanding how energy prices affect us.

It’s a slam dunk, comparing how government meddling with the healthcare industry will only lead to increased costs and decreased choices for the consumer, and subsidizing products that most people don't want, like what has happened with the American auto industry.

However the real challenge is going to be to show people how far-reaching, devastating, and interwoven with everyday life, liberal policies and programs are. The main reason that most of these liberal programs and policies ever even came into, and remain in existence, is the fact that most people are not even aware of them.

In order to get someone to oppose a government expenditure, they must not only be aware of it’s existence, they must understand that is providing them no benefit, and it is unfairly enriching others at their expense. Now the most obvious examples are people abusing government assistance programs (like food stamp fraud), but there are many others.  When all added together, they’re a substantial drain on our nation’s financial resources, not to mention being unconscionable.

The truth is, Obamacare is just a symptom.  Liberalism is the disease, and when enough people understand that the incompetence and corruption that produced Obamacare is the same brand of incompetence and corruption that brought us all other liberal programs and policies, maybe our nation will wake up and attempt to put an end to all the nonsense that threatens to bring this country to its knees.

Obamacare, welfare, anti-global warming policies, affirmative action, etc., it’s all the same shit, ulterior motives packaged as hope and change, designed to weaken this country and the people who pay it’s bills.  It is our duty to try to make other people understand this, and make them aware of how widespread it is.  It is all but impossible to run out of examples, and perhaps, overwhelming people with examples is best way to combat it.

The next time you hear someone comment on the utter incompetence involved in the implementation of the Obamacare website you might want to bring up the pigford scandal.  It’s a perfect example of a liberal program, and how the complete lack of any scrutiny of its implementation and administration, caused a disaster far larger than anyone could have ever predicted.  It is also a perfect example of how large a fiasco something can become, before almost anyone is aware of it. (including me)

The Pigford settlement didn’t have anymore chance of improving the lives of black farmers as a whole, than Obamacare has a chance of providing affordable access to healthcare for all, and this is true for the same reasons.  Both programs attempted to solve a problem by redistributing wealth, instead of addressing the cause, both programs metamorphosized into something that no one with an understanding of either issue, would have suggested could ever be successful, the scope of both programs expanded to provide benefits that even the original proponents of both programs never advocated, and neither program was implemented by people who cared to, or understood how to, keep costs under control.

The original intent of the Pigford settlement was to award a small number of black farmers (91 in all), damages due to perceived discrimination resulting in them being denied USDA loans.  Fine, whatever, give them some money, right?  The only problem was that this group of 91 black farmers swelled to 90,000 people filing claims, including blacks, Hispanics, Indians, and women, causing payouts to reach $4.4 billion and legal fees of over $130 million. All this, driven by people trying to get something for free.

From the beginning, Obamacare was charged with an almost impossible task - “To provide affordable health insurance coverage for all.” - but the very reason for the failing of Obamacare is hidden in that objective.  The problem is not, and never was, the number of people who didn’t have health insurance.  The problem was and is, that medical costs are too high.  

Obamacare advocates would often use the figure of “47 million uninsured” as a reason to adopt a national health insurance program.  Obamacare theoretically, “covers” that 47 million, but so what?  What good does that do?  None of them are turned away from medical attention right now if they need it, and simply saying that they are “covered” doesn’t solve anything.  If anything it just exacerbates the problem by encouraging them to see the doctor more often. The problem is they aren't paying for insurance and that is because medical costs are too high

If half the effort was put into increasing competition in the health care industry as was put into providing coverage for all, the problem could be at least reduced, if not solved, and everyone would have benefited. Instead the liberals chose to go the wealth distribution route again where at best, one group benefits at the expense of the other.

Anyone who pays for their own health insurance, understands that it is just like cars or anything else.  The fancier it is, the more it costs.  That is why they tend to have bare bones health plans compared to people who get their health insurance for free, or very low cost, like many teachers and other government workers.  A small business owner is more likely to have a plan that covers fewer things and has a higher deductible, than a union employee.

Now one would think that in order to make a universal healthcare coverage system work, the plans for the people who pay nothing into the system, would more resemble the small business owner’s that of the union employee.  Obamacare not only includes many items and procedures not covered in the bare bones plans, it has caused many insurance companies to stop offering basic plans to people who had been paying for them. Also, while we might that it is all of our responsibility to make sure people with preexisting conditions can afford health insurance, the end result (from a standpoint of cost) of that, is like demanding that auto insurance companies provide affordable insurance to habitual drunk drivers. An increase in cost is inevitable.

As with the pigford settlement, the original idea of universal healthcare may have had some merit, but when the actual implementation of the program is administered by people who don’t understand the importance of controlling costs, and determining the eligibility of people receiving free benefits, whatever outcome, besides disaster, can you expect?

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