Tuesday, November 5

The Most Pathetic Person in the Universe (belated)

I belatedly give out last week's Most Pathetic Person in the Universe Award because I was busy last week.  This is not quite as timely as I would have wished, but I do believe that it must be awarded because the award recipient indisputably deserves the award.  This week recipient also received the award last week, but had to share the honor with two others.  This week Kathleen Sebelius distinguished herself as a truly pathetic person.  Her horrible week can be best summed up in the now notorious phrase, "Whatever" (eye rolling implied).  She represents all that is wrong with big government: arrogance, condescension, snobbishness and a general lack of respect for the common citizen.  Ms. Sebelius truly demarcated herself as a incompetent fool who lacks the ability to run even a flea circus.  We salute you Ms. Sebelius and present you with this most ignominious award.

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