Tuesday, November 5

Virginians Make Haste!

Today is election day!  This means that once again we must go to the polls.  This year is no less important than any other year despite the fact it is an off off year election.  Only a few states are going to the polls today, mainly New Jersey(which is essentially concluded) and Virginia, but that does not lessen the gravity of the situation.  Just because you do not live in one of these states does not mean you cannot make a difference.  You can get on Facebook, your blog, your phone or on your email and make sure to educate everyone in these states on what is the right choice to make.  If you know someone in these states all the better, please get on the phone and make sure they are going to the polls to ensure good leaders are elected.  Virginia is especially important because it is the closest of the two gubernatorial elections.  This will be a low turnout election which could end up being a plus for Ken Cuccinelli, but we cannot simply hope that the other side does not show up.  This election is a referendum on Obamacare and the Democrats have made that abundantly clear.  This is a dire choice by the Democrats (because of the wild unpopularity of the law), but the focus on this topic may be too little too late in order to push Cuccinelli over the edge.  So all of you in Virginia please get out and vote today so that today is not a bitter sweet day.  Make sure the Republicans prove victorious in both New Jersey and Virginia!

1 comment:

Rick Lakehomer said...

If i was in Virginia I would be voting Cuccinelli for sure. I fear it will be the other poser and douche bag who has never really worked a day in his life.

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