Thursday, February 6

Red Horse Radio: Episode 129

Listen in as one mention of Patty Hearst sends me into a downward spiraling panic attack about the fall of the western world.
The Indie Gentlemen’s Podcast
1. Theme Song “Red Horse Rising by X-Proph3t
2. The Wicked Librarian
3. Witch, Folklore, and Wicca panel wrap-up
4. Why Jon can’t sleep
5. Saint Sufferers and Scapegoats: The SLA and Patty Hearst
6. The Militarizing of the Police
7. How many gallons of whiskey? There’s an app for that! Or there will be.
8. A word from the sponsor:
9. Match Dot Melanie: You Got Stabbed by a Dirty What? (part 2)

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