Tuesday, February 11

Red Horse Radio: Episode 130

The Red Horse Radio Network tackles the REALLY tough questions, as Jon sits down with the politically diverse 9th Story podcast guys; Dan Foytik and Craig Weber and we talk about the political leanings of Super heroes. And we attempt to hash out if the Galactic Empire is a lefty or righty empire.
The Indie Gentlemen’s Podcast
1. Theme Song “Red Horse Rising” by X-Proph3t
2. What is the 9th Story Podcast?
3. The guys from 9th Story join me on the show.
4. The topic of the political leanings of Super Heroes.
5. The litmus test: Is the Galactic Empire a liberal empire, or a conservative empire?
6. Comics as a product as their time, the sliding scale.
7. Batman / Superman Liberal or Conservative?
8. A word from the sponsor: http://www.blackflag.tv/index.php

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