Tuesday, February 18

Obama And The Minimum Wage

Recently, Obama made good on his pledge and took pen in hand and issued an executive action to raise the minimum wage for government workers to $10.10 an hour. Obama and the Democrats made it sound like a big deal, as if they were doing such a noble deed, when in fact, it only effects a handful of workers employed by the government. Obama’s real motive was to get the congress to pass a law raising the federal minimum wage, even though most economists agree that raising the minimum wage in a slow economy will hurt job creation. Read more.

1 comment:

GomeznSA said...

So did all of the other federal contract workers get a commensurate increase in their wages, and if not why not? And why are they in effect being punished (ie their 'buying power' has just been down graded) for nothing they did.

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