Tuesday, September 2

Why Men Cheat

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(Clash Daily) You want to know why men cheat? Because women don’t do their jobs.

Women get married, and then clock out. Not all women, but there are a fair number of women out there completely unaware that their husbands are hiring prostitutes or sleeping with someone from the office.

When these women do find out their husbands are cheating they are devastated, and understandably so. The sanctity of their marriage is shattered. Loyalty and trust are out the window. Can they forgive? Will they forgive? Some believe in “death do us part,” so stay in a marriage marred by betrayal, while others stay for the children or because being alone sounds like a more miserable existence.

I am not claiming that all women are responsible for their husbands’ indiscretions. Some men are not meant for monogamy... 

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