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Do Antifa- Blacks and Liberals Want to Know the Truth?

Do Antifa-Blacks and Liberals Want to Know the Truth?

Are we to understand this protest that NFL players have chosen to observe during the playing of the National Anthem has little to do with lack of respect for the flag and our country? Some say they are protesting because America is unjust—particularly when it comes to the treatment of blacks. They are listening to the propaganda coming from the Black Lives Matter group and falling in lock-step with an organization that has aligned itself with the Communist-led Antifa, or “anti-fascists”. Apparently, nobody is bothering to collect the facts and be fully informed about the matter.

There have been young black Americans shot down by police; about half as many as whites. A black Harvard professor sponsored a commission to study the interactions between the police and members of the community. He was specifically interested in knowing whether police more often shot black suspects in arrest situations than would be the case with whites. Everything the commission discovered disproved the theory popularly held by many Americans. There are actually more whites killed by police than blacks—almost two to one. And statistics showed police are more likely to shoot a white suspect who is attacking them than a black. Why? Well, unless you are slower than molasses in January, you can figure that one out for yourself.

Wouldn’t you like to know why BLM people continue to chant these outright lies—‘hands up, don’t shoot’ (something Michael Brown never said)—and why the media does nothing to correct the record and try to put a damper on violence?

Why, when an incident occurs that might have racial connotations, does the media rush to stick a microphone in the face of Al Sharpton, or a BLM member, or someone from the Southern Poverty Center who believes anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders is a member of a ‘hate group’? Why not go to a rational, intelligent, well educated if somewhat conservative black like Thomas Sowell, or Walter Williams? At the very least, get their take on the situation.

No, the strategy that our media has adopted is to fan the flames of racial and political hatred; to encourage class envy and the idea that every American except the White Male is a victim of some diabolical plot to take advantage of them. Of course, police go around shooting young black men, except . . . that they don’t.

Instead of the black NFL players and their white compatriots choosing to demonstrate during the playing of the National Anthem, why not consider another novel idea?

Why don’t a good number of these athletes go into the inner cities and ride along with a police patrol car several times—maybe for a week or two; even a month? Look at the problem from a side they have not seen. Begin to understand what these officers deal with day in and day out. These professional athletes could use their considerable influence to help forge better communications between cops and inner city kids. Do something useful!

And understand that a fundamental cause for much ofl the violence and lawlessness on the inner city streets is the absence of fathers in so many black homes. FAR too many black fathers are no more than sperm donors. Understand, there are too many white men who have adopted that same practice, when for centuries the admonition has been, “If you bring a child into the world, it is your responsibility to provide for it—to nurture and discipline that child.”

Someone is going to have to provide for and care for that child. There is no such thing as a free lunch.
If that child is taught by a loving father at an early age that there are consequences associated with his decisions in life, he is far more likely to make wiser decisions. No mother should be saddled with the responsibilities that should be shared with a caring husband/father.

Older people can remember the time when the black family was among the most coherent, the most responsible family of all. Most black fathers once reared their children with strict discipline and would not tolerate dishonesty, theft or disrespect—for elders, women or law enforcement. Black boys would rather wrestle a grizzly bear than have to admit to their dad that they had done something wrong. They knew the punishment that was to come would be severe.

It is well past time to accept that any solution to the problem of black crime in the inner cities must be led by black men. If you are one of those sperm donors, the government shouldn’t take your child to rear for you. Nor should that child be left to an often ill-prepared mother (and usually her mother) to take care of that chore.

Most white fathers tell their young sons what black fathers used to recite to their progeny—“If you are stopped by a policeman, you do exactly as you are told. If he tells you to get on the ground, you do it. If he tells you to give him your name, you give it. He is the law. He has a badge of authority and a gun to back it up. You do what you are told.”

For too many of those young black males, there is no one there with the authoritative voice of a father to tell them how they must conduct themselves.

Will these few simple acts stop all problems with the police? No. But it is a start, and will go a long way toward establishing better relations with the men and women who are charged with the responsibility of keeping our communities safe.

NFL players, you can continue to protest, but rest assured those poorly thought-out protests are causing more problems, not helping find a solution.

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