Friday, March 23

Feminist Movement Is Partly To Blame

There is no doubt that we have a society that is in free fall,  , it’s not something that has happened over night, it has taken decades to bring us to this point. The biggest problem we have today is political correctness and the erosion of standards, which takes us away from common sense and reality.

Aside from all the other problems society faces today,  one of them is the collapse of the traditional family, which the Liberal-Progressives have done their best to destroy. The group that must take partial blame is the feminist movement, maybe unintentionally, but they have contributed to the collapse of the family in a big way.

Why are stay at home moms looked down upon in today’s society, because of the feminist movement. Raising children to be good and productive citizens is probably the most important part of society. Unfortunately too many mothers think that a career is more important than raising their children. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that certain circumstances prevent a woman from staying home and raising their children, but there are many women who can stay home but choose to pursue a career.

 I have heard feminist’s shout “that women are so much more than just being a mother;” that may be true, but being a mother should be number one of their responsibilities. When you make the decision to become a parent, the children should always be your main concern. You notice how they say “just being a mother,” that really burns me up; they make it sound like women should be ashamed to be a stay at home mom.

Let’s face it, our society has many problems, but the collapse  of the traditional family is only one part, but I think one of the biggest. Where are Ozzie and Harriet when you need them?

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This is one man's opinion.


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