Wednesday, October 10

Finally A Republican Party With Balls

As of this writing I am 66 years old and I considered myself a Republican since I was 16. In all that 50 years I always expected Republicans to wimp out, that seemed to be their nature. Time and time again when I thought Republicans were going to stand up for what they were fighting for and hit a home run, they would put their tails between their legs and hide under their desks.

After 50 years of  disappointments and thinking that I will probably be dead before Republicans grow a set brass balls, I am overwhelmed to finally stand up for what they believe.

During the process of confirming Justice Kavanaugh the old Republican Party that I remember would have caved because of all the heat from the Democrats and their partners the main stream media. There is no doubt in my mind that the old Republican Party would have turned their back on Kavanaugh and nominated someone else, that’s just the way they were.

But what changed? Why all of a sudden have they become lions instead of pussies?  The answer is simple; President Donald J. Trump.

President Trump is without a doubt the strongest president in my lifetime, even stronger than President Ronald Reagan. But after 8 years of the weakest president in my lifetime, America bashing Obama, President Trump renews my faith in America.
The strength that comes from the White House now is like a breath of fresh air for this country. God bless you President Trump and stay strong for America’s sake.

This is one man’s opinion.   

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