Wednesday, December 19

Discrimination Means Freedom

I have always said that I cannot understand how these anti-discrimination laws are constitutional? The government thinks they are being fair by giving freedom and rights to one group by taking them away from another group.

Case in point, we’ve all heard about the baker in Colorado who refused to make a wedding cake for a same sex couple because of his religious beliefs. Well he won that case in the Supreme Court, but now he is being sued again, this time by a trans-gender whatever.

If a store can put up a sign that says No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service, why can’t he add Same Sex Couples and Trans-Gender to the sign? It seems to me a man takes the risk of opening up a business, risks his time and money to build that business, I think he should have a say on who he does business with.

Where are this baker’s rights and freedoms, why doesn’t he enjoy the same rights and freedoms as other Americans? If you ask me the government needs to repeal all these anti-discrimination laws along with affirmative action, which is just legalized discrimination.

I am sure there is more than one baker in Denver; it seems to me that these people are just trouble makers, if one baker doesn’t want to serve you, go to the next one. Anyway it seems a little one sided, how many times have we heard about a person not being served or kicked out of a place or spit on because they wear a Make America Great Again hat or T-shirt?

This Is One Man’s Opinion.

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