Saturday, April 20

Hey Millennials You Want To Know About Climate Change?

Have you ever noticed that there are more younger people than older people who believe in climate change? Well, there is a reason for that, older people like myself have been hearing about climate change for over 40 years.

You see the younger generation only know what they hear today, God forbid they should do a little research. The difference is my generation has been hearing the doom and gloom longer than they have been alive.

Let’s go back and shed a little light on the subject. In the 1970s the big catastrophe that was facing us was global cooling. The big alarm was that the world was gonna freeze, ice was gonna cover the earth and if we didn’t do something in 10 years we all would be doomed.

Well, the 1980s came and? You guessed it, nothing, life went on and Al Gore looks like an ass.

Then in the 1980s when the ice thing didn’t work out global warming was the new catastrophe. Now the so-called experts were saying that the ice caps were going to melt and we would experience a big flood and that the coastal cities would all be washed away. Again we were given 10 years to do something or we would all be doomed.

Well, the 1990s came and? You guessed it, nothing, life went on and Al Gore looks like an ass.

Now here we are again, it’s not global warming or global cooling, they balled it up into one catastrophe called climate change. I guess they figure they cover all bases with that. But the only thing that has changed is instead of 10 years before we are all doomed, it’s now 12 years. I guess that gives them more time to figure out the next catastrophe before this one fizzles out.

The earth has been warming and cooling since God created it. Have any of these experts ever considered that much of the change in climate is the way nature intends it to be? Maybe Mother Nature knows better than all of these so-called experts.
Well I look forward to 12 years from now so I can once again say:

 Well the 2030’s came and? You guessed it, nothing, life went on and Al Gore and the Democrats look like an ass.

This is one man’s opinion.

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