Thursday, April 25

Now It’s Kats Smith, What About Banning The Democratic Party?

Gee, I remember Kate Smith singing God Bless America since I was a kid; I’m now 66 years old. Banning her recording and covering up a statue of her because she once sang a song that we now deem as insensitive and racist is just plain dumb.

I don’t understand how people can judge someone, doing or saying something 80 years ago by today’s standards, it’s crazy. Does anyone think that we won’t be criticized 100 years from now, for some of the things we are saying and doing?

I don’t understand a society that looks to eliminate our history because they don’t like what happened 100 or 200 years ago. Statues of our great leaders are being taken down because their beliefs don’t fit in today’s society. Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Christopher Columbus, General Robert E. Lee, Andrew Jackson.

All great men who are trying to be eradicated from our history, just because they thought and acted like society did in the time in which they lived.

If we are going to do that as a society, then we should also ban and end the Democratic Party for their beliefs and acts of 100 or 200 years ago.

Let’s take a look at the Democrats record and tell me why they shouldn’t disband?

 It was the Democrats that were in favor of slavery and fought to keep it alive by starting a Civil War.

 It was the Democrats who started the KKK and instituted Jim Crow laws throughout the South.

It was the Democrats that pushed to keep blacks from voting.

Democrats voted against every piece of civil rights legislation in Congress from 1866 to 1966.
Democrats voted against the 14th Amendment that made blacks citizens.

Democrat Lyndon Johnson famously said "I'll have those niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years."

My question is where are all these protesters who want to destroy statues of our great men of history, why do they ignore the Party that has the worst record in history? 

This is one man's opinion.

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