Thursday, August 8

The Women’s Movement Is To Blame

After the two mass shootings, the predictable happened. The Left and the Main Stream Media went on an insane rant on President Trump; all you heard was Racist, Racist, and Racist from morning until the evening, nothing constructive what so ever.

Thank God for Fox News. A few of the shows I was watching actually had psychiatrists on trying to dig into why something like this would happen, no finger-pointing just possible solutions, which you don't get from the other stations. One of the doctors brought up the absence of a father in the home; it was something like 9 out of 10 of these shooters did not have a father in their lives, with no father figures at all.

A while back I wrote a book called Real Men Eat Salami you can check it out here. It’s a humorous look at the war on men. One of the subjects I wrote about are things that men used to call their own but now have been taken away because of the Women’s Movement.

When I was a boy we had the Boy’s Club, a place just for boys to do the things that boys like to do. They also had men running each department, so for those who needed a father figure you could always find one. They had all athletics, music, library, chess club, glee club, Photography club and a drama club where we used to put on plays, anything you wanted was provided for the boys that joined.

It was a place where you could rough house, curse, fight, and everything that a normal growing boy wants to do. Alas, that is no more, because now it’s The Boys And Girls Club, and boys can’t be boys anymore. Same with the Boy Scouts, now girls are allowed, so it’s not called The Boy Scouts, just The Scouts. But to be honest, The Boy Scouts started collapsing long before they let girls in; it started its decline when they allowed homosexuals to join.

On a personal note; I was born and raised on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in New York City, there is a place called McSorley's Old Ale House, it’s the oldest Ale House in NYC, opening before the Civil War.

Since the time it first opened it was men only, then in the early 1970s, you guessed it, the Women’s Movement changed that. I remember when the fight was going on to keep it a men’s only bar, a woman actually owned the place and she led the fight to keep it a men’s bar, she believed that men should have a place of their own, but we lost that too.

The Augusta Country Club for over 80 years was for men, then because of the Women’s Movement, NOT. Why is it so wrong for boys to have a place to call their own? 
The Women’s Movement just doesn’t get that men and women are different, different way of thinking, different way of feeling, different wants, and different needs. The two genders are totally different and not just the obvious.

I think those psychiatrists are right, boys need fathers or if no father, a male father figure if they want to grow up to be a normal functioning part of society. There's an old saying, "Boys will be boys," the Women's Movement is trying to take that away.

The Left’s war on traditional values are taking its toll on our society, I have noticed that the farther we move away from God, the worse our society becomes.

This Is One Man's Opinion

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