Saturday, September 7

Moral Decay Is Americas Biggest Problem

I can’t pick up a newspaper today without being disgusted about what I see on those pages. Most of the time I can’t even read past the headline; I look at the headline look down and shake my head and say, “What the hell is going on in this country.”

You see parents killing their kids, kids killing their parents, newborn babies being left in garbage cans, little children being tortured and left to die, the stories go on and on.
We have God being stricken out of our society but we celebrate things like abortion, drug use, same-sex marriage, homosexuality, transvestites, trans-genders and other perverted lifestyles. The traditional family is being demonized, stay at home mothers are looked down upon and criticized because they believe that raising their children is more important than chasing a career.

We have criminal illegal immigrants running wild in this country killing, raping, citizens of this country while Democrat politicians protect and defend them, which in my book makes them an Un-American Party.

The Democratic Party is now in favor of infanticide, abortion is no longer good enough for them, now they want to kill a baby after the delivery. In my book, the Democratic Party is now the evil Party.

Our children can’t say a prayer or mention God or Jesus Christ in school, but they are taught about homosexuality and that America is an evil place and our Founding Fathers were evil people. The American Flag is now a symbol of racism. Science tells us there are 2 genders but our children are taught there are 47 different genders.

It seems that throwing the F-Bomb around is not only fashionable but also acceptable in today's society.  

Now there is a new perversion on the horizon trying to work its way into the mainstream, pedophilia. You read that right. There is an on-line publication called Vice, in it they clearly advocate the personal rights and well-being of pedophiles, without regard for the safety or security of children.

This is exactly how things start, a little mention and then before you know it pedophilia will be a protected class like the other perverted lifestyles.
When will the silent majority stop being silent? How much lower must our country fall before there is an uprising to end all this moral decay?

John Adams: “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

 This is one man’s opinion.

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