Thursday, November 7

Karma is a Bitch. Kentucky GOP Could Steal Governor Election

It has already started. The trickle down effect of the stupidity of the Democrats for the past several decades has reached its peak. We elected an outsider in Trump to drain the corruption in Washington DC. Now, the antics of the bogus impeachment inquiry has taught the GOP to utilize the Democrat playbook and play dirty.

The GOP are like bad parents and the Democrats are like spoiled children. The Democrats will push the envelope to see so far before the GOP will react. It is the same with parents and children. Children would often cry and pout to get what they want. Parents would react by giving their kids anything to shut them up. However, everything has a breaking point. Parents will punish their child when it gets out of hand. This is what we are seeing with the GOP.

The investigation on the corruption in the 2016 presidential election done by AG Barr, US Atty. Durham, and Inspector General Horowitz has been completed. They are waiting for the perfect time to present it to the American people. Like playing poker, a good poker player never reveal his/her hand and never be the first to go all in. With the impeachment inquiry in progress, the GOP are waiting till the Democrats truly get out of hand before showing their trump card. No pun intended. This is the same similar situation in parenting a rowdy child. The parents wait patiently before they lose their shit and unload a can of whoop ass.

Now, we are seeing the GOP giving a taste of the Democrats own medicine. Like a parent showing the child a consequences to bad behavior, punishment has to be rendered. Sometimes it would work and the child will change their ways; other times, it would be a fail. In Kentucky, the GOP incumbent governor lost by 5000 votes to a very popular Democrat. However, the state has seen voter irregularities in the past. Democrats thought the GOP would concede, but not this time. GOP want to give the Democrats the same consideration. If they so choose, the GOP, which controls the state legislature in Kentucky, could reverse the ruling in favor for the incumbent.

Don’t blame the GOP for mischief. Democrats have been doing it for years.

GOP Can Steal Kentucky Election to Punish Democrats Stupidity 

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