Thursday, November 7

The Bright Side for the GOP From the 2019 Elections

I read many articles from the mainstream media after the 2019 elections. The win in Mississippi for the GOP went silent. The media  mostly touted the huge win in Virginia and the governors race in Kentucky. They are saying Trumps star status has faded and his popularity will wane before the 2020 election. Of course. the media, Democrats, and the far left are trembling because they know deep down Trump will win re-election. There are Democrats caught on TV saying if we don’t impeach Trump, he will win re-election.

Base on analytic reports and other relatable election model base on the economy, it showed Trump winning in 2020. Also, in the past 40 years, only two presidents failed to win re-election. They were Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush. Carter economic policy failed the country and George H.W. Bush lied and raised taxes. However, we had Reagan, Clinton. George W. Bush, and Obama winning a second term to the Oval Office. Base on that, there is a strong likelihood that Trump will win a second term. 

It’s a far gone conclusion about Virginia going Blue. It’s turning into another California. But I can’t help looking what happen in Kentucky and smile. Yes, the GOP may had lost the governorship, but there is hope. When the media failed to report the other races in Kentucky, I had to ask why. It is because the other 5 races won in Kentucky were Republicans. And they won huge by double digits with the help of Trump. Prior to the race for governor, the incumbent was already falling behind in the polls because the GOP governor picked a fight with the teachers union. The incumbent was one of the most unlike governors in the nation. I read he was 18 point behind the Democrat challenger before Trump stepped in. After Trump gave a pep rally in Kentucky, pollsters made Kentucky competitive. That 18 point deficit was wipe away, but the incumbent lost by 5000 votes. By looking at that scenario, Trump still have the star power to motivate the masses. If Trump can keep the message alive and bombard that message daily, he will win in 2020

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