Friday, November 8

Impeaching President Trump Will Give Him a Guaranteed 2nd Term

What happens when you pissed off a political base? The answer is you galvanized that particular base. The Democrats, main stream media, and the elite Left are blinded by hate that they need to impeach a sitting president. Instead of allowing the American people to vote Trump out of office, Liberals want to void the 2016 election like it never happened.

Forget what the polls say that suggest a high percent support a Trump impeachment. Instead, look at the support that Trump energized. 86% who support and voted for Trump in the first term would support another term in office . In contrast, Obama had 76% supporting a second term.

Currently, there is no way to stop the House with their impeachment inquiry. They have been focus since Trump was inaugurated to impeach him. The Washington Post, within an hour of Trump inauguration, printed an article that said let the impeachment begin. The House of Representatives voted three times for a formal impeachment inquiry, but failed miserably. The investigations from the Steele Dossier and the Mueller Report were fake.

Even though the economy is doing very well, Congress hasn’t done enough for the American people. They just want to impeach a president who enjoys embarrassing the Washington establishment.

NBC Finds Impeachment Only Strengthens Trump Base

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