Friday, November 8

Mention Eric Ciaramella on Twitter and Your Account Gets Suspended

Twitter began suspending Twitter accounts if anyone mentions Eric Ciaramella, who is the real whistle blower in the Trump impeachment inquiry. It’s pretty stupid. Besides curbing free speech, Eric Ciaramella isn’t the whistle blower that went to Adam Schiff, who is the chairman conducting the impeachment inquiry. That would be an associate that got the information second hand from Eric Ciaramella. So, if Eric Ciaramella wanted full protection under the law, that dumbass should have done it himself and reported it; instead of leaking it to another person.

Are Democrats that dumb?!? Don’t they know if this impeachment goes to the Senate, those Senators running for the presidency would have to suspend their campaign; so that, they may preside the impeachment hearings. It took two months during the Clinton impeachment hearings. It may take twice as long with Trump. That may jeopardize those Senators chances in the Iowa primaries.

Now Twitter got into the action, but the damage was already done. Eric Ciaramella information as the whistle blower has been circulated by Drudge Report and other news organizations for a week. Also, a transcript from Adam Schiff during a close door inquiry accidentally outed Eric Ciaramella.

It’s a little too late to take something back. I tried to understand what would be the benefit from these Democrat rookie mistakes, but I can’t see it.  I guess they are dumb after all.

Mention Eric Ciaramella on Twitter and Your Account Gets Suspended

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