Tuesday, November 19

Obama Comes Out to Tell the Democrat Presidential Candidates to Knock It Out

Throughout this election cycle, Obama stayed very quiet. In fact, he had stayed away from his former Vice-President campaign. You would think Obama would be on the stump for Joe Biden, but that’s not the case. However, Obama came out of the shadows to impart some common sense wisdom. Obama realize that Trump is reversing all of his accomplishments and policies; thus making the former president insignificant. To stop the bleeding, Obama wants a Democrat to win the presidency, but that’s not going to happen.

If Obama is pleading to the presidential Democrat candidate to knock it off  and take a step back, it would signify that the Democrats are in trouble. Obama says not to recreate the wheel. Instead, Obama wishes the Democrat candidates to stay in the middle. However, like the impeachment hearings, it’s too late to run to the middle. Every voter in America knows how radical the Democrat candidates want to change America to a version like Venezuela or Cuba.

Advantage Trump!

  Obama Comes Out to Tell the Democrat Presidential Candidates to Knock It Out

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