Friday, November 22

Trump: Now It’s My Turn Adam Schiff

After one week listening to these impeachment public hearing, it was a waste of my time. All I got from these hearings were hearsay, assumptions, and presumptions. I listen to the opposition spin this and it boggles my mind. Whether the opposition are in denial, stubborn, or being stupid, it is fact that there is a right and wrong. In this case, Democrat Adam Schiff ran this hearing as judge, juror, and executioner. He created his own witnesses, rules, and suppressing the Republicans. Everything about the hearings were wrong and the Democrats are hoping the American public are stupid not to notice. It is fact that the witnesses were based on 2nd and 3rd hand accounts, which would never be acceptable in a courtroom. It is fact that no witness can prove quod pro quo, bribery, or extortion. It is fact that it is impossible to hear and understand  a conversation of a cellphone call of two persons without it being on speaker phone.

Now it is over and it’s Trumps turn. Trump wants the Senate to take this to trail. Trump is very confident that he can expose the Washington establishment through his own trail. That means Trump can defend himself with his own lawyers and witnesses. Horowitz, the inspector general, will be releasing a damning report that touches on the main report from US attorney Durham related to the collusion in the 2016 election. Democrats are running scared because they have went too far. Unlike other presidents who would allow the shenanigans to continue, Trump would not have none of it. He’s a fighter and will fight back. The Washington establishment are entering uncharted water with this president. Trump won’t play their rules.

Like the movie The Godfather, it is the ending of the movie and you see Michael Corleone killing off those who betrayed him.  Karma is such a bitch. Adam Schiff is on that list Trump wants the most. Trump will get his chance and it will be a nice Christmas present for the president.


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