Tuesday, November 26

Pelosi Contemplating Censure than Impeachment

Democrats are scrambling to find a way to save face. They screwed up and the only way to cut its losses is to censure than moving forward to impeachment.

The polls are against the Democrats. As members in Congress claimed that polls means nothing, they are lying. Washington live on polls. Even though it is biased in nature, a good, reliable poll can give a general reflection or thinking of a small sample of a population. And the current polls say the American people don’t want an impeachment. The reason is meaningless. The American people don’t want it to happen.

It doesn’t matter how the media lies and spin the narrative; to oust Trump now is idiotic. We are less than a year from election and the Democrats want to oust Trump out from the Oval Office. Just proves the fact, that Trump has made achievements in his first term more than his former predecessors. With a weak Democrat field, the only way to stop Trump is to impeach him.

There are factors stopping the Democrats from moving forward. If this goes to a trail in the Senate, majority of the Democratic presidential field would have to suspend their campaign. That would also include Biden. Since Joe Biden isn’t a Senator, he is still a witness that would have to testify in the Trump impeachment trail. Since there were late entries to the Democrat presidential field, they are considered insignificant.  No late entry didn’t do anything to spur any excitement during an election season.  More likely, these late entries are vying for a Vice-Presidential spot.  This would leave Mayor Pete as the lone front runner for the Democrat Presidential primary race. This would be disastrous for the Democrats because he has no accomplishments or experience to rely on.

With a communist style of impeachment hearings, the public is not stupid to see that it is one sided. It is obvious that the main defendant, Trump, was not allowed to defend himself. Since we are a fair nation governed by rules of law, just witnessing this type of spectacle would scare the common people because it could happen to them too. Thus, supporting for impeachment don’t sit well with the public.

Democrats now realize that Republicans will expose them in a Senate trail. Adam Schiff and Pelosi will not have a say or control once it reaches in the Senate. The Senate will conduct themselves in a matter that would devastate the Democratic Party.

Besides, the Attorney General Barr will be presenting the final report from the criminal investigation that the Democrats tampered with of the 2016 election. Inspector General Horowitz will be presenting a small part of the report on the misconducts done in the FBI that led to the Russian collusion and their meddling in the 2016 election.

Because of that, the only way to save face is to censure the president. In other words, a slap on the wrist. However, the damage is done. The Democrats wasted three years on a witch hunt. Instead of this bullshit, Democrats should have worked with Republicans to serve the American people who voted for them. If the Democrats vote on an impeachment, they will still lose complete support in 2020. Instead of a severe shellacking with an impeachment, it would be a very bad bruise with a censure. Either way, Democrats will feel the repercussions from their stupidity.

To Save Face Pelosi is Looking to Censure Instead of Impeachment 

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