Monday, July 6

Black on Black Death, BLM Remains Quiet

The hypocrisy in America is staggering. Media will pounce on news of a white police officer shooting a black person. The media will go one step further and report if a white person kills someone of color. However, when it comes to killing black on black, not a sound. Just shows that white guilt that put Obama in the White House is alive and well. There are more black on black deaths than white on black deaths in America. What makes this extremely disgusting is that this recent death by black thugs was done to a 8 year old black child. Nothing from the Black Lives Movement. No outrage from the white guilt movement. This is pure BULLSHIT! These protest are complete joke. It won’t change anything. This is not a racist country. Yes, there are people who are racist, but this country isn’t. You fucking people are using it as an excuse to loot, riot, vandalize, and destroy the very fabric that we call democracy. White people are also guilty in fueling the anger. Racism is allowed to survive because people still talks about it. As individuals, we are better than that. If we continue to live in the 1960’s, we will never grow and prosper as a nation. 

Black on Black Murder, Where is the Outrage BLM

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