Monday, January 11

Plan Q Initiated. Battle Station! Trump Strikes

Through hidden messages made plan as day to the American people by the Trump Administration, the start of taking back the White House has begun. The good guys are in position to take the bad guys out and put Trump in office for a second term  

In the next several days we will see confusion and mayhem, but at the end, many key people will be arrested, the real truth behind the stolen election, and Trump will finally take that victory lap he deserves. 

During the rally in Washington DC on January 6, Antifa was integrated with the MAGA supporters of the rally. Also included that no one notice were special forces under the direction of Trump. They stormed in the Capitol with Antifa and collected many laptops, including Pelosi laptop. 

Notice Pelosi is in panic mode. She desperately wants to silence Trump via impeachment because she knows Trump got the laptops. This in turn got the Washington establishment frantic. Thus, you see the media silencing Trump via denying access for the president to speak to the people. However, when the time comes, Trump will activate the Emergency Broadcasts System and let the public know. 

There are bad actors from MSM to the Vatican. So sit back and watch everything unfold. As we speak the National Guard have been deployed to DC. Trump has signed the Insurrection Act and declared state of an emergency in DC. 

Just like The Godfather movies, at the end of the movies revenge becomes a glorious thing.  

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