Friday, February 8

The FULL manifesto from Chris Dorner-adored by leftists, the LSM and many who hate America

I am posting this from The Last Refuge and not changing a word of this.This is the unedited, full manifesto.

Chris Dorner, is a crazy, deluded rogue cop gone bad, a man on a mission to kill and maim, get revenge in a very calculated, cold way, one who has planned, thought this out for perhaps months, years. A man who has gone totally 'tits up', lost his mind and is suffering from what I call the 'legend in his own mind syndrome.' Dorner wants to be remembered like some of the worst killers, mass murderers of our time. He thinks of himself of a revolutionary and perhaps he is correct on this one and do think for one second I am standing up for him, the people he idolizes, thinks are great people, because I am not in any way shape or form in agreement with him. His love for Obama, the worst of Hollywood, the LSM are totally against my morals, ethics, honesty, honor and what the Founding Fathers set forth in our Constitution. Of course he quotes Thomas Jefferson, "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." (Source) and yes this is true. That time is coming. Whether a second revolution comes in my lifetime or the the lifetime of our children, it is coming and I pray it WILL NOT be violent. My fears of this next revolution being a violent and bloody one are being proven with the passing of each day. Dorner is taking his last stand and revenge out against those who wronged him as he see it and by doing so is taking on our government. He is for all intents and purposes a clod blooded, calculating killer, a cop killer. I know a fair number of people in law enforcement, current and retired, in the military and Dorner has crossed a serious and line of no return. I have been victimized by many a nasty, full of themselves LEO over the course of my life. Yet I firmly believe that the vast majority of LEO are honest, decent people who put their lives on the line every day, putting themselves between us and the Dorner's of the world.

A hate filled racist man who is all for rabid gun control yet he uses these same weapons under his own 'rules' and justifies them for his own use. A sick and twisted mind that is warped from way more than just depression.

Give pause and think hard how this would be splashed all over the news if he was an evil CONSERVATIVE and heaven forbid, a White man. They are coming my friends and fellow patriots, they are coming................ PatriotUSA

Read the rest here.

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Anonymous said...

Excuse me whoever who wrote this. America was based on Revolution and was started on opression. The guy took some extreme measures. But the LAPD is known for corruption. It just so happened the messed with a Navy Seal in the wrong guy. Maybe we should look at our law enforcemnt, which 90% of them don't have a education. The man is black and educated. Played by the rules and was not judged in the ultimate fair and just society that you claim. I'm just saying I am so glad I am not in the LAPD right now.

Anonymous said...

What a nonsensical post. The idea that another revolution is coming is both idiotic and completely baseless in fact. Dorner is a perfect example of why such thinking is unjustifiable. Taking up arms against one's government is a serious thing and justifiable only in cases of both severe repression AND the lack of any alternate means. There is zero evidence that America is close to this situation or even moving in that direct. If the US is moving in a direction you don't agree with this is not the same thing. Convince people of your point of view and if you cannot then accept it. Only if the majority appose the government and means of selecting another government is removed (ie democracy is suspended) is it time to even consider such talk. Equating government doing things you don't agree with with a justification for Revolution is both stupid and dangerous and exactly the type of thinking that leads to Dorners.

Anonymous said...

You dont know doner or what is really going on

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