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God's Deputy Won't Talk With Obama! ... J. D. Longstreet

God's Deputy Won't Talk With Obama!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

We exist in a sphere of truism(s).  A truism is simply something that happens to to be a factual truth.  Nothing can change it -- not even a lie. 

Truth has no agenda.  It just is.

One of those aggravating truisms that continually trips up our antagonists on the political left, especially those in the anti-war choir and the "kumbaya crowd," is this:  "You cannot negotiate with those who will NOT negotiate."

Obama (Blessed be his name!), he of the "Golden Tonsils," is so conceited that he actually BELIEVES he can talk to ANYONE and simply by the power of the persuasiveness of his voice, he can bend them to his will.  'Tain't so! 

The latest evidence of Mr. Obama's self deceit is Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's refusal to talk with the Obama Administration to find a way to ease the stalemate over Iran's nuclear program (Sometimes referred to as the creation of the Islam Bomb.)

Not only did the Ayatollah flip Obama the "bird," he managed to interject a threat to those indicating they MIGHT talk with America into his refusal, as well.

In recent days both Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi both have indicated they would be open to direct talks with the US.

NOT so cotton-picking fast could describe the reaction of the man with the title "God's Deputy on Earth." 

The REAL ruler of Iran said:  "You [Americans] are pointing the gun at Iran and say either negotiate or we will shoot. The Iranian nation will not be frightened by the threats,"  He went on to say:  "Some naive people like the idea of negotiating with America [but] negotiations will not solve the problems."  He continued: "If some people want American rule to be established again in Iran, the nation will rise up to face them." SOURCE:  

Over the past few days the screws were tightened significantly against Iran, and  yet Iran's rulers are digging in and show no signs of relenting.

Just a missile shot away, Israel and Iran's proxies are are taking swings at each other in and around Syria and Lebanon.  The so-called "convoy" Israel bombed recently may turn out to be a Syrian complex which was billeting several hundred (or more) Iranian troops, many of whom were killed in the attack by the Israeli air force.  There are reports to that affect but the picture is far from clear at this point. 

While some worry that we are on the threshold of a regional war in the Middle East, I would argue that we need to worry about a World War with hostilities beginning in the Middle East.

History DOES repeat itself.  If one were to consider the decades just prior to the Second World War, one can clearly see the parallels between then and now.

The world is, again, in a global financial crisis just as it was before we went to war then.  We are following, step by step, the path of mistakes we made then, which led to a world-wide conflagration.

I sometimes think those descended from ancient Celtic warriors can hear the whispered beat of distant war drums.  Maybe it comes in our DNA.  It's more a feeling than a hearing.  Sometimes a mere murmur -- sometimes a low rumble. Nevertheless, they foretell a coming conflict that is unavoidable. We have passed the point of no return.

A regional war in the Middle East will not remain regional long.  The world's oil supply is dependent upon that region remaining pacified.  Once it goes up in flames the fire will spread quickly around the globe.

Obama has all but ended Pax Americana and this is the result -- a world resembling a street riot.

Soon the world will be clamoring for leadership.  Where will it come from?  Russia?  China?  One thing is certain.  It won't be coming from Obama's America. 

Maybe Iran's Ayatollah is just waiting to speak with the NEW global leader.

© J. D. Longstreet

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