Tuesday, March 19

Admiration Of Big Boobs Leads To Hostility Towards Women!

I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that such a study was funded, or that it was CBS News that promoted its findings!
“A study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior in February 2013 showed that men who preferred bustier women tended to be okay with more sexist attitudes…”
“Men who more strongly endorsed benevolently sexist attitudes toward women, who more strongly objectified women, and who were more hostile toward women idealized a large female breast size," the researchers concluded.” - - CBS NEWS
Now, I’m not ashamed to say I like big breasts. I also like a nice ass, nice legs, nice hair, etc. But, breasts have always topped the list for me and many, if not most, of my brethren.


Because I’m a man!

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Liberty At'Stake said...

Men who fantasize about 72 virgins are more likely to blow people up.

Andrew said...

A University of Florida study in 2012 found that ...

"As it turns out, men and women are equally prone to holding benevolently sexist values (the idea that men should always open doors, or earn enough to support a woman, are two common examples)."


So they think that treating women with respect is sexism? unbelievable. The fact that CBS didn't quote this study which found that women are just as likely to be "benevolently sexist" is very believable.

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