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Just How Stupid Does The Obama Team Think We Are? ... J. D. Longstreet

Just How Stupid Does The Obama Team Think We Are?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


You know, I sometimes think the Obama Regime judges the intellect of all Americans by the the intellect of those Americans who voted for him in 2008.  

For four years the elitist Obama minions have treated all Americans as if we were all mushrooms and America was one huge mushroom farm.  They have kept us in the dark and fed us horse manure! 

Another President I did not admire, Abraham Lincoln, once said:  "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." But it is obvious the people on "Team Obama" believe they are so cussed smart that they can, in  fact, fool all of us all the time.

Frankly, I'm insulted at the the lack of ingenuity, dexterity, forethought, planning and execution they have expended on the bulk of their lies to America.  I mean, come ON, guys!  Even a third-grader can lie better than you people!  

Yeah, I know you have been using your cheerleaders in the Mainstream Media to flesh out, dress up, and, well, camouflage your lies with tidbits of truth added in to make them more digestible to the unwashed "idiocracy" out here in the boonies. 

Look.  I get it.  Alright?  Desperation sometimes will cause one to panic and throw caution to the wind and, well,  tell a lie.  So, you see, I do understand that feeling you have that you NEED deceit, cunning, and concealment.  I mean, here we are just days from the looming possibility that you will join the masses of out of work Americans on January 20th depending upon your success -- or lack thereof -- in spreading that manure around. Here of late, however, you seem to have forsaken the shovel for a high powered manure spreader and you've been running that thing overtime.

Come on, people!  You can stop protestations to the contrary. Most of the American electorate already understands why you feel the necessity to prevaricate, to lie, to be, shall we say, ambiguous.  We understand how, this late in the election cycle, you feel you must mislead, conceal, and withhold information that might not show your fearless leader in a  blinding sparkle of luminescence.

Look.  We ALL understand that governments have to prevaricate from time to time,  but what is striking about Team Obama is your haste to lie -- even when you don't have to! 

I must say, however, that under pressure the quality of your lies has greatly diminished.  They just do not come close to the quality of the lies you offered up in 2007 -- you know, hope and change and all that.  My personal favorite was the bald-faced lie that the Obama Administration would be the most transparent administration in the country's history!  Boy!  THAT was a WHOPPER!  And you did it with a straight face -- never cracked a smile!  That was a pure delight to see and hear.  You know, to this day -- I STILL chuckle when I hear reference made to it.

But you've gotten lazy and lackadaisical.  It's as if you have lost that determination to create really GOOD lies, and the enthusiasm to deliver those lies in a believable manner.  You seem to have become carelessly lazy about your lying -- and that concerns me.

I must confess that I share Mark Twain's concern for the decay in the art of lying.  Mr. Clemens once said:  "No high-minded man, no man of right feeling, can contemplate the lumbering and slovenly lying of the present day without grieving to see a noble art so prostituted."   I couldn't have said it better myself!  Thanks, Sam!

There can be no doubt, at least among the dutiful followers of the Obama campaign that, of late, their lying has become intensely clumsy, even awkward.  Their rabid co-conspirators in the press have, too, submitted to the alarm bells ringing in the amygdala of their brains -- and having deduced that all may be lost if the electorate learns the truth -- they have begun to fortify previous lies with with even more, shall we say, "deflections of the truth." 

It's really sad.

At the risk of actually being helpful to Team Obama, I will point out that their first mistake was assuming that the entire electorate is as (uh -- how delicately can I frame this?)  mentally challenged as those who voted for, and continue to support, the worse presidential administration in the history of the United States of America.  THAT'S where they first went wrong.  Team Obama supposed us all to be that dim,  intellectually.  They were decidedly mistaken.

Now that we have come to the short rows of this election cycle, the truth that Mr. Obama is NOT infallible, that he is not guaranteed a second term in office, has sparked, within his circle of supporters, a fevered malady of misdirection.  No longer able to defend the indefensible, they have settled upon the lie that the indefensible does not now, and never has -- existed!  (Ex:  "We never said that!"  "We never did that!"  "That never happened!"  "The whole thing was our predecessor's fault!") 

Admittedly, it is an awesome desperation play by Team Obama.  A play, which, I feel, is doomed to failure simply because their assessment of the intellect of the electorate, much like their polls, is badly skewed.  They failed, it seems, to consider the four previous years of exposure by the electorate to their multitudinous and duplicitous flood of lies and deceitful distortions of facts employed by them to conceal their ineptitude at governing -- and -- their shallow depth of care and consideration for the constitution and the people of America.

No, Mr. Obama, we are assuredly NOT as stupid as you think we are, nor are we as long-suffering as you had expected us to be.

But we DO hope you enjoy your new home in Hawaii after January 20th.  Aloha, Mr. President!

J.D. Longstreet

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