Sunday, February 10

Fat Asses? You and Me? No Way!

"As a citizen, I am angry with Americans who do everything in their power to cultivate dreams, chase dreams, and live dreams, but do absolutely nothing to preserve the liberties and freedoms that make achieving those dreams possible."


The time for action is NOW!  The enemy must be clearly seen!  FOR THE SAKE OF OUR COUNTRY -




Reality Check: Freedom is a Fragile Thing, and Your Participation Is Required 


Excerpted from Daniel J. Fortune in For Liberty's Sake

When it comes to politics… the deeper you dig, the dirtier it gets, and it is easy to become angry, frustrated, or just down right pissed! For those of us who are generally optimistic, digging can get a little challenging at times, but we continue anyway, because no one else will.

Needless to say, but we look around at the political landscape we find ourselves in today, and it is so easy to just throw our hands up, and our towels in. Our country is on the brink of bankruptcy, at war perpetually, and tirelessly chasing “monsters” abroad. Our government is fat, over funded, well armed, and completely out of control. Unfortunately, the list goes on and on, and I don’t have enough time to go down the line.

At the risk of sounding cliché, knowing is only half the battle. It’s really only one side of the coin, and I hate to say it, but the reason why we are in the dire situation we are today as a country, is because for far too long, good men and woman have known, but not done a damn thing about it! Knowing this literally makes me angry. To know that my parents slept on freedom, and their parents slept on freedom… literally angers me.

I used to look back at my grandparents generation and marvel at how hard-working they were; shoot, my grandma still is! But… that is part of the problem. For far too long, Americans have thought it their only duty to work themselves to the bone while politicians, special interest groups, and Godless men and women worked behind the scenes to subvert the American dream, the rule of law, freedom, and liberty. And our grandparents and parents let them.

Now, as a 29-year-old man, who has a wife and 5 children of my own, I am doing all I can to preserve the last ounces of liberty we still have as Americans; and to be quit honest… I’m angry! I’m not angry towards the crooked politicians. I’m not angry at the special interest groups. I’m not angry with progressives, liberals, neo-conservatives, crony capitalists, atheists, rich people, poor people, or even wall street. No… I’m angry at those who know the truth, but do nothing! Yes, that is who I am angry with.

I am angry with the people who know the rules of the game, know what it takes to win, know exactly what is on the line, but for some reason, they choose to sit on the sidelines as they watch time run out.

As a father, I am angry with fathers who work themselves into the ground, and sacrifice precious time with their families, as uncle sam works tirelessly to take more and more and enslave their children/grandchildren in debt.

As a veteran, I am angry with soldiers who serve their country for a paycheck, but don’t practice fidelity to the Constitution they have sworn to defend against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

As a citizen, I am angry with Americans who do everything in their power to cultivate dreams, chase dreams, and live dreams, but do absolutely nothing to preserve the liberties and freedoms that make achieving those dreams possible.

As a Christian, I am angry with Christians who are happy that this world is going to hell in a handbasket, while spending all of their time “RSVPing” for the imminent heavenly experience that awaits them.

Seriously… get your a$$ out of the office chair, your head out of your a$$, your eyes out of the clouds, and do something with THIS LIFE God has graciously given you as His image bearer, and steward until He says its time to go!  Continue reading - - > HERE!

I am one of the people Daniel speaks of.  Informed? Yes.  Hard working? Yes. Living free and doing things my way?  Yes.  Because I can.  But for how much longer?

This week in conversation with Sharon at The Last Refuge I understood I have just been preaching to the crowd and hoping for a "convert" periodically amongst the liberal voting folk of America.  michellc said - "I don't think voting is the answer any more."

It is a terrible day when one comes to believe that their/our vote no longer counts.  This sad realization lead me to knowing, we MUST be talking directly to those who DO wield power.  My next post on this subject will lay out the action I will be taking from this day forward.  Maybe you will join me.  It will not be uploaded here until tomorrow so that Daniel Fortune's words can sink in.


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