Tuesday, April 30

Paul Ryan “Evolves” On Gay Adoption

Paul Ryan has changed his mind on gay adoption. In what appeared to be a complete 180, he now says, ”I do believe that if there are children who are orphans who do not have a loving person or couple … I think if a person wants to love and raise a child, they ought to be able to do that. Period. I would vote that way.”  He made that statement in regards to Gay adoption. While he still says he opposes gay marriage, he thinks that adoption is OK.

This was considered a huge surprise by most in the Media, although Ryan seems to indicate he changed his mind years ago. It was not an issue in the presidential campaign. Mitt Romney supported it , but Paul Ryan did not commit to an opinion. He did vote against it back in 1999. I think this is a strategic move in preparation for a Presidential run. He believes that the social issues are what is hurting the GOP at this time, and he will change with the times. I mean hell, if Barack Obama can “evolve” so can he right?  This is a risky move, but I imagine he has thought it out well. After all, hardcore conservatives will still vote for him over the democratic choice anyway.
I will tell you what this move tells me. The Gay issue is lost to conservatives. Rush Limbaugh even knows this. It is not a battle we can win. As soon as the SCOTUS gives the green light to gay marriage there will be no way we can legally forbid homosexual couples to adopt. Paul Ryan is going with the times.  This issue is lost. I am aware that this is not going to be popular with my fellow conservatives, but truth hurts sometimes. We cannot continue to be competitive and keep trying to row against the tide. We have done this for years now, with little success. If the democrats had a better candidate than John Kerry we wouldn’t have had Bush even for 8 years.
The democrats are clever. They will take this issue and paint us as backwards thinking bigots, deserving of ridicule.  Dissatisfaction with Obama could’ve given us the election had we chosen someone different. Hell, I supported Romney, but I didn’t think he would win. The tide is turning. We must change or be utterly destroyed. I do not believe that homosexuality is OK in God’s eyes. I believe that allowing gay marriage is wrong. However, my God doesn’t make laws in the U.S. We need to accept this issue is lost to us, and focus on ones we can win. It is with heavy heart that I acknowledge that morality is dying in the U.S.  Sadly, at this time we have bigger fish to fry. The economy, we desperately need to balance the budget and get back on stable ground. We can’t fix things if we never get through the door.
its over
I am done fighting about Gay marriage or adoption. I have more important things to fight now. Planned Parenthood is still butchering babies and sexualizing children. Our economy is sinking. Our great country is losing their freedoms one at a time. They want to take our guns, our freedom of speech, our religion.  I just don’t care enough about Gay marriage anymore to discuss it. They are going to do it. We are going to lose this issue.  You have to know when it’s over. It’s over.

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Greg said...

I've vote Republican since I could vote in 1980. My father did so since he could vote in 1944. My grandfathers both voted Republican, even in 1932 when hardly anyone did. From before the Civil War, my family has been Republican on both grandfather's paternal lines. One of my grandfather's great-grandmother was a Lincoln. Several of my family members through the last century-and-a-half have held positions in the party. I have held leadership positions in the party.

When the Republican party abandons the moral issues, I will cease to be a Republican. Why would a vote for a party that fights to lower taxes on multi-millionaires and views it as a core issue, but doesn't believe the nation's morals are worth fighting for? There is no answer which you can give to convince me -- and I'd wager a lot like me -- to continue to vote for Republicans under those circumstances.

This will cast Republicans into a minority status for decades to come and it will be a well-deserved fate. The voters likely to be gained by this will not make up for the voters certainly to be lost by this.


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