Friday, July 12

A word to left wing students-Pat Condell

A timely message from Pat Condell. I seriously doubt any leftarded students will take this seriously. Why, that would mean you would have to think for yourself and not buy into all the lies and that stem from far left thinking, what some of us refer to as 'free thinkers.' Nothing is free, NOTHING! PatriotUSA 

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Ranger Bagel said...

Throwing around "leftarded" kind of undermines your credibility.

conservativeBC said...

I agree, when referring to liberals I prefer dipshit, dumbass or rump ranger....

Chris said...

I turned 18 just in time to vote in the 2000 US Presidential election. I had taken a personality profile examination which placed me as a middle-of-the-road moderate. Watching the debates, I noticed that Al Gore interrupted Bush far more than vice versa. Ultimately I became a conservative that day with the simple realization that on any logical flow chart, those who interrupt more ultimately know less. Well said, my friend! ~Chris, The Texian Chronicles

Gerald Loeb said...

No "ism" is ever a good thing because ego and ideology do not mix.

Rick Lakehomer said...

In what way. Not being politically correct? Perhaps I am being too polite. I think BC may have been a bit more spot on than me. My credibility is just fine thank you very much. Is LIBTARDED better for you? I could be a lot more offensive but why reduce myself or lower myself down into the septic tank on modern day liberalism or progressive, regressive school of thought, perversion, baby killing, collectivism. Using leftarded once is throwing it around? You wander in here, post a few comments and want to discuss 'credibility'?

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