Wednesday, November 29

The New Army: Turning Boys Into Women

It seems that our Army is desperate for recruits, so what do they do, lower standards of course. This is nothing new, all over the country standards are being lowered for police officers, firemen and just about every where else that governments control, all in the name of diversity.

You would think the Army would be a place where Political Correctness would not exist. I mean after all, they are the ones we depend on to protect and defend our country. The Pentagon relaxed standards for recruits who had fared poorly on standard military exams. Those who scored in the lower third of the tests, so called Category Four recruits, had been limited to 2% of new troops. The standard was relaxed to 4% and was exceeded at times. The Pentagon mandates that the services accept no more than 4% of recruiting classes from Category Four. 
Not only are they admitting people with lower test scores, but now admit people with criminal records and drug users as well. The Army also tried to allow people with some mental problems, but thankfully they rescinded that order.
Today's Army is much more high-tech, from top to bottom. The problem is that when tasks get more technical, aptitude makes an even bigger difference. In one Army study cited by the RAND report, three-man teams from the Army's active-duty signal battalions were told to make a communications system operational. Teams consisting of Category IIIA personnel had a 67 percent chance of succeeding. Teams with Category IIIB soldiers (who had ranked in the 31st to 49th percentile) had a 47 percent chance. Those with Category IVs had only a 29 percent chance. The study also showed that adding a high-scoring soldier to a three-man team increased its chance of success by 8 percent. This also means that adding a low-scoring soldier to a team reduces its chance by a similar margin.

The Army is now forced to accept homosexuals, transvestites, transgenders  and the Army is required to pay for sex change operations. I wonder how many transgenders will sign up just so they can get a free sex change operation?  And the Army has to wonder why normal boys don’t want to sign up?

One of the reasons why Army recruits are scarce, America is a bad place and not worth serving. At least that’s what they are teaching in schools these days. The days of the Army turning boys into men are gone. First society crumbles now our Armed Services; I think America is in trouble folks.

 This is one man’s opinion.

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