Sunday, April 22

Democrats Scrambling In Fear

Sometimes life throws things at you that you just have to sit back and enjoy.  Ever since the election of Donald Trump the Democrats have been pushing for a special counsel, because they were sure that Trump won the election only because he was helped by the Russians. They were so sure Trump was dirty they were even calling for impeachment the day after his inauguration.  But boy how things have changed.

With the whole Russia thing blowing up in their face, the Democrats are scrambling to somehow keep it alive. On Friday the DNC filed a civil suit against President Trump’s campaign, Russia and WikiLeaks, alleging a vast (right wing) conspiracy to tip the election to Trump. Now anyone with half a brain can see what the real reason is for bringing this law suit, desperation.

  The phony law suit is the Democrats way of trying to keep impeachment and Russia alive for the midterms just in case the Mueller probe comes up empty. Is it just coincidence that the Democrats have come up with this law suit after the Mueller said that President Trump is not a target? As a matter of fact after a year of investigation there has been more dirt coming out on the Democrats, it seems they are the law breakers.

The country has been through enough, but since the Democrats have nothing else to run on, keeping the Russia narrative alive is their only shot. So let the Democrats keep chasing the Russia story, let Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters and the Lame Stream Media keep shooting their mouths off, there is nothing else for them to do. 
This is one man's opinion.


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