Monday, January 28

A State Of Evil: New York

I was born and raised in New York City, even though I now live in Florida I was always a proud New Yorker. I always talked about how great of a state it was and how I was part of the greatest city in the world. But that was then, now I am totally ashamed to be from a state where evil has taken hold.
This new bill is nothing but mass murder, how can anyone be for killing an innocent little baby? What disgusted me the most was after the signing of the bill the people in attendance clapped and cheered and after that they celebrated by baby killer Cuomo by saying “I am directing New York’s landmarks be lit in pink to celebrate this achievement.”

  Princeton professor Robert P. George wrote:
“A huge irony: The NY law authorizing the killing of babies in the third trimester PROVES that the aim of the abortion lobby is NOT the protection of maternal health in circumstances of hazardous pregnancy, but is rather the right to destroy an unwanted child whose existence poses no risk to maternal health (in any sense of the term ‘health’ that amounts to anything other than a rationalization for killing unwanted babies). The only reason to kill rather than deliver a child in the third trimester of pregnancy and gestation is that the woman (or someone who is pressuring her to abort) wants the child to be dead rather than alive. It’s the child’s *existence*, not the pregnancy, which poses the alleged ‘health’ risk. The pregnancy can be ended (‘terminated’) by delivering the baby alive, rather than killing him or her. So do you see the sophistry in the argument for abortion here? It’s glaring.”

It amazes me how the Left has so much compassion for the illegal immigrants who come here and kill American citizens, but won’t shed one tear for the life of an innocent child. How do they sleep at night?

This country is on a downward spiral and has been for some time. How can anyone call themselves a decent human being and be a supporter of this law? The decent people of this country need to start rising up, but maybe it is already too late. Abortion is one thing but this is out right murder.  

I remember when I was dating my now wife, we had an oops moment, the thought of abortion never once entered my mind. The only thing I thought was that I had to do the right thing, so we got married. My daughter was born, who now has two daughters of her own, my two little precious granddaughters, I can’t think of life without them.

I am truly ashamed of coming from New York, it was once a great state, now it has become a state of evil. There is a Communist for mayor of New York City, and a baby killer as governor, what’s next I wonder?

This is one man’s opinion.

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