Sunday, January 12

Thanks to Trump Iranians Protesting Against Iran Government

This is the gift that keeps on giving. Trumps action to take out the Iranian General and terrorist Soleimani brought the Iranians to the street. After a neutered missile launch toward US Bases which missed its target, the Iranian government accidentally shot down a airline with passengers mostly Canadians. After finally admitting it was an accident and the Iranian government lying to the Iranian people that they killed 80 Americans using 15 missiles to hit 20 US targets, 1000 people went out to protest and ridicule the government that they can’t use basic math. I think the Iranians thought that the government claim 15 missiles hitting 20 targets was enough to puss of by insulting the intelligence of the Iranian people.

This is what Trump wanted to do. With Soleimani out of the picture, the Iranian government is hopeless and directionless. This protest won’t stop. Like Hong Kong, Iranians want their freedom back. Hopefully, they can fight back without US interference.

Advantage Trump.

Soleimani Dead & Iran Government Hopeless, Iranians Take It to the Streets

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